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I’m McKenzie and I make stuff like it’s my job. More specifically, I design brands & develop websites for people that want to share their amazing ideas with the world! I also love to do personal projects. Whether it’s through design, photography, knitting, calligraphy, cooking, crafting — I’ll try just about anything! My motto is: Why be a master in one thing when you can be great at dozens of things...

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April 24 — 14 min read

Playroom Fruit Prints

With our recent move, we finally have a space dedicated to just a playroom for our kids. And I am so excited to start decorating it with big huge prints on the wall! For some…

BabyFamily — 1 min read

Dear James | Half a Year

Our sweet baby James is now six months old. And I thought Hazel’s first six months was the fastest of my life. I feel like I blinked and James is sitting up and eating food.

James joining our family was as smooth as it could have ever been. Hazel adores him and so do we. He is now sleeping through the night and loves to feed himself his own bottles. Literally the easiest baby in the whole world.

We have so much love for this chunky, smiley baby. He is the perfect addition to our family and such a shining light in our lives. He’ll be sitting in his carseat and you’ll glance in his direction and he will burst into squeals out of excitement for attention.

James, I can’t wait to see your personality shine even more as you grown and become the amazing boy I know you will be. You are so loved!

JournalMotherhood — 2 min read

The Most Perfect Little Seat

You grabbed your dirty boots and found what seemed to you the most perfect seat to slowly and deliberately put them on. Usually I would holler at you to get off the dishwasher door but this time I stood still and watched. One foot pointed, twisted, and slid in. Weight shifted and the other boot glided on. You have put on your boots many a time but this time stopped me in my tracks as I wondered when that little spot will no longer be the perfect seat. When you will no longer fit in those boots that were purchased when you weren’t even walking. You stood up, noticed me snapping a photo, and walked off with a cute “bye!” to the door as if you could reach the handle, leave the house, and were going out for an errand. Once you realized I would refuse to let you outside pantless, whining ensued. The moment was gone but the magic was still there, locked forever inside this little photo. I crave after those magic moments when I can so clearly see God’s glorious work and love surrounding me. If I look for them, I find one every single day.

What was your magic moment today that stopped you in your tracks for just a split second? Go write it down.