Who doesn’t want more sunshine in their home? I love that it represents the light that is within our home and we can hopefully shine that light out to the community and world outside of our home! I found the best mats full of happy sunlight, which do you like best?

1 | I have this at the foot of my front door and I absolutely love it. It doesn’t fall apart like other doormats.
2 | I love this sturdy material and stylization of the rays on this mat.
3 | This rug is reversible — enough said!
4 | I love the color scheme of this rug and the corner position reminds me of children’s drawings.
5 | Colors and sun shape on point for this mat!
6 | Isn’t this one just a beautiful gauze sun rug for a nursery?
7 | I love this bath mat, the shape, the short square sun rays, so great!
8 | This arch crochet rug is more subtle of a sun but it’s still there.
9 | If you want a standard coconut coir doormat, this cute sun one is for you!