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Cutest Modern Play Mats

Practical, durable and beautiful mats. These materials are easy to wipe clean which is a necessity with children.

1 | This foldable play mat is simple and would work in any home.
2 | I love the playmats from Toddle Kind, they are expandable so you can make them any size and create your own patterns, yet they still aren’t in your face crazy.
3 | I just love this blue color from Wander and Roam. Although it isn’t foldable or can be taken apart, it looks pretty and comfortable.
4 | Another foldable playmat but this one has the cutest gradient of colors. for a fun pop in a playroom.
5 | Gathre mats are a great playmat. Although they aren’t all padded, it still works great. I love this town one in a modern style!
6 | Yay mats have very cute and modern designs for the foam attach kind of mats!
7 | Although this mat is the most expensive, it looks like Cream Haus mats have the best quality and would stand the beating of kids for years and years!
8 | The House of Noa has tons of play mats and other mats to find just the right color and design for your home!
9 | I love when a product has more than one function and this mat from Ruggish is double-sided with a track on one for those littles that love to sit right at your feet during cooking time.

JournalMotherhood — 2 min read

Our Quarantine in Photos

I think we can all agree that this quarantine has been a weird time for all of us. Ryan and I are grateful that little has changed in our own family and we don’t take that for granted. Being stuck at home and not having things like playdates or museums or zoo can make these days go dreadfully long, especially with a busy one-year-old. But I know I will miss these slow days so I wanted to capture some moments of our little home life with just the three of us.

I will look back on these photos and remember: the pure pride in her face when she sits in her big girl chair for meals and watching her turn from a baby into a toddler right in front of our eyes. The curiosity that leads her to all corners of the house, leaving tiny handprints like little breadcrumbs (or actual breadcrumbs) creating a line from one place to the next. The bond that has blossomed between her and her dad. He can get the best and silliest grins and giggles and she will always choose his lap (and his water bottle). I will continue to find the tender mercies during this pandemic and I hope you find them in your own lives too.

Gift GuidesHolidays — 3 min read

Beautiful Stocking Stuffers

Now that I have a little of my own, I realized I need to start thinking about stocking stuffers. I want to find things that won’t go into the trash or donate pile by 6 months and something that I thought was as beautiful as much as they are functional. Here are a few items I love:

1 | These first word cards are so beautiful. Hazel loves little cards to hold so I know she’ll love these.
2 | A game that doesn’t count as screen-time but is just as fun. Win win!
3 | These dress me notepads are so cute and gives kids the ability to imagine and draw up whatever they’d like!
4 | This spinning snack case has a button that spins the options which gives it a fun twist to offering new food options.
5 | These little barrettes are perfect for any unicorn or rainbow girl.
6 | Magna Tiles are a big hit and these mini cube ones are a nice compact version to take with you on the go.
7 | Of course, I just have to get this dentist set, right?
8 | A super cute magnet case to explore and create all kinds of fun faces.
9 | The cutest little pizza set.

BabyLetters to my Child — 2 min read

Dear Hazel | Half a Year

Our little Hazel Sue is six months old. Half a year! It’s been the fastest six months of my entire life, I can’t believe how much she has grown and changed. I’ve been with her this whole time and it really has happened in front of my eyes.

Hazel joining our family has been such a seamless transition. She’s so easy to love. Even during those late night feeds and diaper changes, I just adore her little self. She is pretty consistently sleeping through the night now which I will happily accept though!

We have so much love for this tiny, beautiful baby we brought into this world. Ryan and I often say, I can’t believe she’s ours! She’s straight from heaven and such a light in our lives. She is easy to get a smile and giggle out of.

Hazel, I can’t wait to witness you grow and change and become everything you’re going to become. You bring such beauty and wonder to our lives little girl.

BabyJournal — 1 min read

Moments I want to Remember | March 2019

Getting our first real smiles this month!

The mixture of sweat and breastmilk after hours of nap cuddles.

The stinkiest of toots I’ve ever smelled from a child ha!

Arched back stretches and big long yawns.

The softest chubbiest cheeks.

Cutest little baby snores.

Cuddles while binge watching Marvel movies in chronological order.

The most hilarious moans and grunts while eating. Especially after a bottle of formula or a long nap!

BabyLetters to my Child — 2 min read

Dear Baby | Trimester Three

We are at the final countdown! To us you are no longer “baby” but have a name. We are so excited to meet you and find out what you look like and who you are.

This trimester has had it’s aches and pains but overall it has been pretty easy. It is definitely a waiting game though; I feel bad for spending so much time sitting on the couch watching TV and sleeping in but I know this will be the last time in a very long time I will get to do that.

Dad likes to talk to you through my belly and you love to sit perfectly still when he tries to feel your kicks. You are a hiccuper and I’ll feel you hiccup almost 4 times a day. Whenever I start to worry and get anxious you seem to move or kick me as if you are trying to tell me to calm down, that you’re just fine.

I think because we waited three long years and have had so much time to dream and prepare for you, we can enter this season with our eyes open and be ready for such a colossal change. We are patiently/impatiently waiting for you to join our family!

Love, Mom

BabyLetters to my Child — 2 min read

Dear Baby | Trimester Two

As we get closer and closer to meeting you, I keep thinking about who you will be. Will you be an artist like me or a smartie like your dad? Will you have my dimples or his bright blue eyes? I hope you get his spunk for life and his ability to make everyone around him laugh and smile. You sure do love to kick so I think we’ll have our hands full! We found out this trimester that you are a girl and I already know you’ll have daddy wrapped around your finger.

We received so much love this trimester with two baby showers and tons of gifts for you. Dad was so excited that he set up your crib and surprised me when I returned home! He loves that you have a lot of swan items and I already know you’re going to be a daddy’s girl for sure.

It has been amazing to see my body grow and change to home your growing body. It’s a little weird to see the scale hit numbers I never have before and my belly button slowly disappear but I’ve been waiting for you for so long and I am really loving being pregnant! I have had it so easy and am grateful for a smooth pregnancy so far. We are so excited to meet you very soon!

Love, Mom

BabyLetters to my Child — 2 min read

Dear Baby | Trimester One

I have always imagined myself writing a letter to my child and it’s finally happening! I can’t even tell you how much we’ve been longing to have you join our family little one. You are so loved and so many people are rooting for you to join our family too. All the years of waiting for you will feel like nothing, I know it.

I’m not gonna lie, I have been anxious this whole trimester. Not sure if this is the real deal, if I will get to hold you in my arms or if you’ll slip through just like last time. Once we made it past 9 weeks and every time I checked my doppler and heard your strong heartbeat I felt better and better. I didn’t want to get my hopes up so I didn’t take many pictures, kept your ultrasound hidden in our drawer, and we didn’t announce to anyone until 10 weeks (which felt like forever!). But I feel confident you’re here to stay.

I just can’t wait to meet you, do all these things I’ve been waiting for since I was barely a teenager. We think you are a girl but we will be happy either way! It was so exciting to finally announce to the world that we were expecting, you have so many people that love you but no one loves you more than your dad and I. Weird to write out dad like that like it’s nothing. We are excited to bond more with you the next couple months and meet you in no time.

Love, Mom