The Empowered Start

A comprehensive preparation program for a mindful unmedicated birth experience.




Exhale Creativity

I really want to try this online community where I can pursue creativity alongside motherhood.

E-CoursesLegal Help

Influencer Marketing Guide to FTC Compliance

This attorney-drafted mini-course is a guide to the best disclosure practices in influencer marketing and native advertising. The course looks at the most common concerns around disclosures for social media influencers and how those disclosures can adequately comply with the current Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines. The content covers the most common social media platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat) and also addresses live videos in the various mediums.


Digital Course Academy

I would love to take this course by Jenna Kutcher and Amy Porterfield.


Be your own CFO Course

On my list of courses I’d like to take. It is a small business owners’ simple guide to bookkeeping and taxes

E-CoursesPersonally Completed

SEO Basics

A great e-course to help you learn the basics of SEO and what you can do to boost your SEO without having to hire an expert!

E-CoursesBlogging Beginners

Blog with a Full-Time Job

This e-course will help you start a profitable blog while you still work full-time and make the plunge to full-time blogging!


Pinterest E-Courses

A whole list of courses for Pinterest from growing your email list using Pinterest, How to Master Tailwind, and more Pinterest Strategies!

E-CoursesCleaning & Motherhood

Kendra Hennessy Courses

E-CoursesMini Course


If you want to sort through the clutter in your mind, home, calendar, health, routines, and relationships, this guide will help you go from drowning in a sea of stress and overwhelm to owning your time and living the best version of your life!


The Supermom Vault

This e-course helps you ROCK your mom life! You’ll have video and audio trainings plus PDF’s that help you declutter your home and simplify your life!


Time-Blocking Mom Workbook

This workbook is only $9 and if helps you to take ownership of your time by creating a time-blocked, flexible but rigid schedule that works for you and your life!



Skillshare is a wonderful place to learn not only creative skills but also business skills! Want to learn more about MailChimp or Illustrator? Skillshare has it, and from people who are masters. Definitely a place to go check out any that interest you.



If you want to learn something creative, CreativeBug is a great place to start at! It’s a great gift for creative kids and adults.


Trello for Business – Think Creative Collective

I use Trello for my business, to keep all my client’s organized and all their information up to date. They teach how to use Trello, tips they use in their own business, how to automate things with Trello, and the best way to use Trello for your specific business goals.


Business on Autopilot – Think Creative Collective

This e-course is completely free and teaches you all the many ways to autopilot a few things to make your life easier so you can focus on the important things! They tell you the best apps and programs to use, how to save countless hours on the things you hate doing in the first place, and tips and tricks on how to automate as much as possible for your business!