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This app will help you find duplicate photos on your computer. A great way to save up space and get your digital photos more organized!

Organization Tools

Google Drive

I use Google Drive to hold certain files so I can access it from either my laptop or my desktop monitor. I keep a few photos that are important to me (as well as on a hard drive) and I mostly use Google Drive to organize all my Excel Sheets and Google Docs that are shared with people, such as our budget/tracking expenses sheet, or documents for clients or church members.

Organization Tools


I use Asana to create tasks for my clients and keep us on task for their website development.

I also use Asana as my church Relief Society secretary. We keep things organized and make sure we are all on the same page on things.

Organization Tools


I use Lightroom to organize my digital photo library. Google Photos is my second recommendation but I love that with Lightroom I can create custom tags and it is very easy for me to find exactly what I’m looking for because I can control exactly how my folders are structured.

Organization Tools


I use Trello to organize my client calls and information they send me. I also use it for an editorial calendar, ideas I want to expound on or learn for my business, and a board for all my creative projects I want to do.

Organization Tools


I use Evernote for ALL my notes. I use this because I can access it from both my phone and computer, add photos, and create Notebooks (categories). A few of my Evernote notes include lists of:

  • Blog/Business/Dev
    • Notes from podcasts/webinars/skillshare videos/e-courses
    • Quotes I want to use when practicing my calligraphy
    • Watercolor Supplies List (what I have and what I need)
    • Idea dumps for projects
    • Fonts I like and want to purchase in the future
    • Outline for future e-courses I want to create
  • Family/Home
    • Mantras or Phrases I want to remember or say as a Mom
    • A huge list of traditions
    • Baby Shower Gift Ideas
    • Ideas of allowance & money management for kids to reference in the future
    • List of ideas or goals I want to accomplish with my babies
    • Quietbook Ideas
    • A List of Needs/Wants in Dream Home
    • Ideas for Laundry organization and rules
    • Random blog posts I loved to reference when kids are older
    • Notes to reference when writing in my children’s Promptly Journals or for our Family Year Book
    • Date Ideas categorized in Free, Random, Little Planning, Lots of Planning, At Home, After Kids (probably copied over from a blog post)
  • Christian/Church of Jesus Christ Related
    • Favorite General Conference Talks
    • Food Storage
    • Notes from books on topics like Atonement, Holy Ghost, etc.
    • List of activities to bring more Christ into Easter/Christmas season
  • Travel/Goal-Setting/Random
    • Things to buy when we move
    • St. Louis Bucket List
    • List of vegetables/fruits I want to garden in my dream garden and tips for each kind
    • 30 Day Challenge Ideas
    • Healthy Living Goals
    • Ranking Built Bars so we know which we want to order next time
    • Recipes
    • Notes from good books
    • Waste-Free Gifts (more experiences than things)
    • Hashtag groupings for Instagram

Organization ToolsBeautiful Scheduler


The most annoying part of scheduling meetings with people is the back-and-forth emails to figure out a time that works for both people. Calendly is what I use and highly recommend to make scheduling a breeze! You just choose time slots, connect it to your Google/Outlook/iCloud Calendar and the person can schedule a time that works for them and already know works for you! It is completely free (unless you need certain options, I use the free version) and it is very pretty which is a must for me.

Organization ToolsSpring Clean your Inbox


If you feel like you get dozens of emails a day and want to clean out your inbox, this webapp is for you! It is so awesome and makes it super easy to unsubscribe to unwanted/unnecessary/old emails. You just sign in with your email and it will show every subscription you are a part of in alphabetical order, scroll through the list, and just click to unsubscribe to each! I recently signed in and unsubscribed to more than 100 companies that I didn’t care about anymore or didn’t even recognize! It seems to work well and it can greatly decrease the amount of emails you get in your inbox that you don’t care about.