One Thousand Gifts

I recently read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and it has inspired me to slow down and find God’s hand in the little things. The book is like poetry, it is written so beautifully. She writes about how we can find joy in the midst of cruelty, chaos and despair. Just hours before Jesus was executed, he took bread and gave thanks. I decided to follow her challenge and write down the little things that bring me joy (trying to write as poetically as her is hard!). It’s usually something so meaningless that happens every day but at certain times it will take me off guard for just a split second, and instead of forgetting it a minute later, I write it down with the date. It’s an easy way that I can remember God’s grace through gratitude and I’m hoping it helps me live fully right where I am. I recommend reading her book and joining in on the challenge with me!


January 03

The graceful flight of geese across a winter wonderland


December 23

An outstretched hand running to catch up to Mom’s hand


November 27

The purest love in a toddler’s eyes staring up in a crib


November 04

Floppy arms in water wings


October 30

The soft caress of newborn baby hair on a cheek


October 28

Extra long cuddles from a sick toddler


October 25

The weight of a baby ball curled on your chest


October 01

The quiet stillness of independent play


August 20

Little dimpled hands curled around a swing


July 25

Purple flowers pushing through concrete, growth in an unlikely place


May 29

Large fields of long grass moving like ocean waves


April 08

The yellow-green color of sun-filtered leaves


February 17

The soft heavy breathing of a focused child


November 14

Muted colors that whirl you to a memory of a grandparent’s backyard


November 05

A perfectly, tiny symmetrical face in the rear-view mirror


October 28

Tiny leaves endlessly falling as snow


October 09

The flash of a swinging child’s head over a fence


September 01

Little pools of water in baby knuckle dimples


February 09

Holding your child for the first time


December 06

A good night’s sleep on a pregnancy pillow


August 30

When the light and shadows on a face create yellow and blue.


August 26

The kicks and dances of a baby in the belly


May 14

A well fitted dress


May 12

The evening sun behind green trees


April 27

Spinning in a long dress


April 19

Perfectly shaped swirl down a drain


April 18

Big flurries of snowflakes falling slowly


April 17

Smallest sliver of a moon


April 15

Jolt of energy at a usual draining place


April 09

A sincere random compliment of beauty


April 07

Holding hands down a busy street


January 08

Loving soft hands on my cheek


December 12

Bright moon on a clear morning


November 05

Birds in a row on a freeway ledge


October 28

Light shining down through our little kitchen window


October 01

Sun peeking through misty mountains


April 13

Trees morphing into climbing giants on a mountainside