One Thousand Gifts

I recently read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and it has inspired me to slow down and find God’s hand in the little things. The book is like poetry, it is written so beautifully. She writes about how we can find joy in the midst of cruelty, chaos and despair. Just hours before Jesus was executed, he took bread and gave thanks. I decided to follow her challenge and write down the little things that bring me joy (trying to write as poetically as her is hard!). It’s usually something so meaningless that happens every day but at certain times it will take me off guard for just a split second, and instead of forgetting it a minute later, I write it down with the date. It’s an easy way that I can remember God’s grace through gratitude and I’m hoping it helps me live fully right where I am. I recommend reading her book and joining in on the challenge with me!