Blogging ToolsStock Photos

Haute Stock

This site has very beautiful images for websites to really elevate your brand.

Blogging ToolsFree Stock Photos


This is my favorite spot for free stock imagery that is beautiful and not at all cheesy.

Blogging ToolsSite Speed

GT Metrix

Like Tools Pingdom, this is a great resource to check your site speed and compare with Google Insights as well.

Blogging Tools

Tasty Pins

Makes it easy to have your blog pinnable.

Blogging ToolsInteractive Quizzes

Try Interact

Give your reader’s a quiz to engage and generate leads for your email list! This is great for coaches or even just a fun quiz for bloggers!

Blogging ToolsSite Speed Optimization

Page Weight imgIX

This is a great source to see how your images are impacting your site speed.

Blogging ToolsWriting


Blogging is a lot of writing, so it’s important to have your grammar and spelling correct! Grammarly is a huge help, I use the free version and works anywhere online like WordPress, Facebook, Gmail, etc. Even if you’re a grammar wiz, this is a great browser extension to have to help proofread your work!

Business Must-HavesBlogging Tools


As a blogger, MailChimp is where you want to build your email list. It has the best ability to create beautiful custom templates (which I offer with my custom site services) and you can segment and automize lots of email campaigns to your subscribers.

SEOBlogging ToolsImprove Site Speed


This is a great spot to check your site speed. It gives a few tips on how to improve it and seems to be more accurate than Google’s PageSpeed Insight.