Rucker 2022 — Q2

April to June block of 2022 has been my most favorite phase as of yet! The kids love playing together, giggling into shenanigans, and I still get lots of nap freetime. Life is really a dream in this quarter 2 of 2022.

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Rucker 2022 — Jan-Mar

This is the first video for 2022! January-March, the first official months of living in California. And we are so excited about this new chapter!

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Rucker 2021 — Q3

This video is our 1 Second Everyday of Aug-Dec. It is of our last 5 months of living in St. Louis. As much as we wish we could stop the train of life at this little moment, time passing is inevitable and I will enjoy the ride come what may.

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Father’s Day 2021

I made a short video for Ryan as his Father’s Day gift with my favorite videos of him with the kids. He is the most intentional, patient, fun-loving Dad there is. Happy Father’s Day!

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Rucker 2021 — Q1

This is my 1 Second Video from January – April 2021! I love watching these back and seeing the everyday things I will miss when these littles are no longer little anymore.

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James Ryan Rucker

This is a video my friend Christina made for us the day we got home from the hospital. It was when Hazel and James met for the first time and I am so grateful she caught the little magic moments of our new family of four!

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Rucker Q4 2020

Here is the last few months of 2020 in video form. As you can tell, documenting our life in video is a priority, and we love having them to rewatch in the future when our babies are no longer little!

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Rucker Christmas Card 2020

This is the video we sent with our Christmas card. You scan the QR code and it would take you to watch this video. It is all the video I shot in portrait mode (instead of landscape) that we couldn’t use for our 1 Second Everyday videos and was made to watch from a phone.

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Hazel 18 Months

I have continued my 1 second every day but since Hazel’s first-year video was pretty long, I am splitting them up into digestible videos with a fun song. This one is loved by Hazel and we watch it many many times.

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Hazel Year One

This is a 1 Second Everyday video for an entire year. I was very diligent on documenting a second every day of Hazel and I am glad I have her first year documented so well.

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Hazel Sue Rucker

My friend Kenzi has been interested in going into videography and wanted to make a video for us at the hospital! She knocked it out of the park and I know I’ll treasure this video in the years to come. I already treasure it now!

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Hazel’s Birth Story

Ryan did an amazing job taking video throughout the labor and delivery process. It’s a fun home video to look back on and remember funny moments from that day.

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Hawaii 2018

During Spring Break we took a quick trip down to Hawaii to relax and have some fun in the sun!

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Amsterdam 2017

Our first big trip outside of the country just the two of us! We had so many fun adventures visiting Amsterdam, Berlin, and Brussels!

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California Spring Break 2017

We had a fantastic trip to California trip and had fun playing with our new GoPro gadgets!

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Thailand & Cambodia 2016

We spent almost an entire month in Cambodia and Thailand and had a blast! Check out

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Ryan + McKenzie 2014

The video we played at our reception, including cute baby photos and when Ryan first saw me in my wedding dress!

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