Hazel Sue Rucker

My friend Kenzi has been interested in going into videography and wanted to make a video for us at the hospital! She knocked it out of the park and I know I’ll treasure this video in the years to come. I already treasure it now!

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Hazel’s Birth Story

Ryan did an amazing job taking video throughout the labor and delivery process. It’s a fun home video to look back on and remember funny moments from that day.

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Hawaii 2018

During Spring Break we took a quick trip down to Hawaii to relax and have some fun in the sun!

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Amsterdam 2017

Our first big trip outside of the country just the two of us! We had so many fun adventures visiting Amsterdam, Berlin, and Brussels!

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California Spring Break 2017

We had a fantastic trip to California trip and had fun playing with our new GoPro gadgets!

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Thailand & Cambodia 2016

We spent almost an entire month in Cambodia and Thailand and had a blast! Check out

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Ryan + McKenzie 2014

The video we played at our reception, including cute baby photos and when Ryan first saw me in my wedding dress!

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