Parasailing View the Post Mar 2018
Do an African Safari
Swing on the World’s Largest Rope Swing
Climb to the base of Everest
Go Deep Sea Fishing
Paddleboarding View the Post July 2017
Visit every continent
Go Sky Diving
Cage Dive with Sharks
Learn to Surf
Walk a Suspension Bridge
Indoor Sky Diving


Visit a Swamp
Stay in a Cabin Technology free for a Week
Raise Bees
Shear a Sheep
Watch Turtles hatch on a Beach
Feed a Giraffe
Visit Jellyfish Lake in Palau
Visit Zion National Park
Visit Bryce Canyon National Park
See Niagra Falls
See a Solar Eclipse View the Post Aug 2017
See a Meteor Shower

Contribution/Life Enhancement

Learn to play the violin
Learn to play the ukulele
Document a year with a 365 Photo Project
Run a Triathlon
Learn to Drive a Stick Shift
Take a Nutrition Class
Send a care package to a soldier
Plant a tree
Learn CPR
Do a Charity Walk
Tour of LDS Church History


Visit the World Trade Center
Visit an International Disneyland
Visit the Walt Disney Family Museum
Visit the Pixar Animation Studio
Try fencing
Do a wakeboard trick
Go to the Kentucky Derby
Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Visit Sandfest
See an Olympic Game Live
See a Cirque du Soleil Show View the Post Jul 2014
See a Ballet

Random/For Fun

Ride the Hogwart’s Express
Try Archery
Go through a hedge maze
Walk with Snowshoes
Go Snow Mobiling
Learn to Figure Skate View the Post Jan 2012
Watch all the movies that one Best Picture
Visit the “Up” house replica
Crowd Surf
Use a Metal Detector on a Beach
Be an audience member on Ellen Degeneres
Have my Palm Read


Ride the Hogwart’s Express
Visit Switzerland
Visit the World Trade Center
Visit French Polynesian Islands
Visit Jellyfish Lake in Palau
Visit Glow worm Cave in New Zealand
Visit Easter Island
Visit Iceland
Visit Galapagos Islands
Visit New Zealand
Visit Valley of the Kings
Do an African Safari