Wordpress PluginsSEO

Schema Pro

Take your website up a notch and integrate schema.org’s JSON-LD code onto your website and improve SEO!

Wordpress PluginsWooCommerceAuto Coupons

WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features

If you would like to have a plug-in that will auto-add a coupon depending on certain rules this is the (free!) plug-in for you!

Wordpress PluginsWooCommerce

WooCommerce Deposits

This plug-in will give you the ability to let your customers have the option to pay in full or pay a deposit on a large purchase.

Wordpress PluginsWooCommerce


This plugin is a great way to add smart filtering to your WooCommerce shop page on your WordPress site.

Wordpress PluginsTranslate


This plugin is SO easy to use and doesn’t clash with other JS. The design is great and you will eventually have to pay a price the more content it has to translate but it works so great and seamlessly that it’s so worth it!

Wordpress PluginsEditorial Calendar


The CoSchedule Editorial Calendar is a go-to plugin for bloggers! It’s an all-in-one place for scheduling out blog posts and social media posts. You can create systems like sharing your blog posts 3 weeks later onto Facebook with one click. Here is a great tutorial on how you can use the CoSchedule plugin.

Wordpress PluginsSEO


A great way to help boost your SEO and get your ranking up in Google is focusing on the keywords in your posts. A keyword is the words or phrase someone would type into a search engine that would potentially lead them to your site. A good keyword research tool like Keysearch can really help you out, it tells you how difficult a certain keyword will be to rank high in and also gives you related terms. You can see what websites are the top ranks for that term and track how your own pages are doing. Totally worth the $17 / month investment!

Wordpress PluginsBest Wordpress Hosting

WP Engine

This is the hosting I always recommend for bloggers or anyone using WordPress for their site. It has THE best customer service, makes it so easy to use as a developer, and includes daily backups. I wrote a blog post all about it here.

Wordpress Plugins

Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

If you need to work on your live site without anyone seeing the process, this is the plugin I use. You can very quickly and easily set up a simple and clean “Coming Soon” page while still accessing the site if you are logged in.

Wordpress Plugins

I Recommend This

If you would like to have the ability for readers to “like” your post, this is the plugin to use! It takes a little customization to make it look pretty but it works well and shows the count of likes per post.

Wordpress PluginsFor Foodies

WP Recipe Maker

The best plugin for recipes on blogs. Has the ability to print and rate and handle intense recipes with multiple instructions and hierarchy when you are doing two things at once, such as dough and frosting.

Wordpress Plugins

Advanced Custom Fields

This is the plugin I use to create any custom feature for WordPress. It makes it so easy to do whatever you want! From choosing favorite posts with the relationship field, creating a list of team members with the repeater field, or a slider with the gallery field, it is essential for any custom site.

Wordpress Plugins


When creating new post types, this plugin is the best way to do it. Custom post types I create frequently: Mini Posts, Products, Portfolio Projects, Testimonials, Videos, etc. Currently my site has 11 Custom post types!

Wordpress Plugins

Duplicate Post

By default, WordPress does not have the ability to duplicate a post so this is a nice plugin to quickly duplicate it. Another good one is Duplicate Menu that I’ve used a few times as well.

Wordpress Plugins

Broken Link Checker

This plugin will help you catch any links that are broken so you avoid leading your reader’s to a dead end.

Wordpress Plugins

Contact Form 7

This is my favorite Contact Form plugin and usually has the least amount of bugs. You will want to also download the ‘Contact Form 7 Submissions’ to make sure any submissions don’t get lost between your site and your email inbox. It is more for those who know code and not as user-friendly for non-tech people as others plugins, but it makes it easy to create so many options including adding an opt-in for MailChimp or adding more questions depending on a previous answer

Wordpress PluginsGet Rid of Spam


This plugin is a great tool to help get rid of spam comments on your blog. Easy to set up and works great!

Wordpress PluginsSEO Help

Yoast SEO

This is a very important plug-in for all WordPress users to have. It is a must-have by pretty much everyone and it is completely free! Yoast helps with search engine optimization for your site, in addition to individual posts. It is easy to use and a few custom settings can really help give Google everything it needs to know to crawl your site and bring your ranking, thus traffic up!

Wordpress PluginsWordpress

Interactive World Maps

If you want an interactive map on your site, this is the plugin to use!