VideographyEthereal, Slow Vacation

“Alice in Wonderland” — Joanna Wang

VideographyGroovy, Upbeat, Vacation

“Point” — Josie Dunne

VideographyUpbeat, Happy

“Good Day” — Strive to Be

VideographyLove, Sweet, Family

“Better Place” — Rachel Platten

VideographyUpbeat, Happy, Vacation

“Sunroof” — Nicky Youre

VideographyFamily, Upbeat, Feel Good

“Living My Best Life” — Ben Rector

VideographyLove, Sweet, Slow

“I Hope You Think of Me”

VideographyHome Video

“Alright” — Supergrass

VideographyEnd of Year, Feel Good

“The Best is Yet to Come” — Ben Rector

VideographyHome Videos, Happy

“Love Grows” — Edison Lighthouse

VideographyVacation, Beat

“Magic In the Hamptons” — Social House

VideographySlow, Love, Feel Good

“Intentions” (Acoustic) — Justin Bieber

VideographyBittersweet, Slow

“The Good Side” — Troye Sivan

VideographyBeat, Feel Good

“Chasing Stars” — Artist Running Club

VideographyWhimsical, Beat

“Time After Time” — Paratone

VideographyUpbeat, Family, Vacation

“Mr. Blue Sky” — Pompla Moose

VideographyEmotion, Family

“Bad Liar” — Imagine Dragons

VideographyFamily, Slow

“Cuddle Up A Little Closer” — Doris Day

VideographyFamily, Upbeat

“Just Begun” — WILD

VideographyEnd of Year

“Happiest Year” — Jaymes Young

VideographySlow, Love

“Nothing” — Bruno Major


“Once Upon a Dream” — Disney Guitar Lullaby