PodcastsCreative Entrepreneurs

Elise Gets Crafty

Her podcast is a great source for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Love absolutely everything she does!


Coffee & Crumbs

I love this podcast, probably because I’ve followed Coffee & Crumbs’ essays for a while and I feel like I’ve gotten to know the 3 women who chat together each episode. A light conversation-type podcast to listen to when you need something in the background of a boring day!

PodcastsChristian Women & Motherhood

Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

I have loved her podcast for a very long time. At some times I think about skipping or deleting an episode because her titles are just the number and the name of the interviewee but every time it is SO inspiring and it was exactly what I needed to hear that day. Such a great one for laundry day, a perfect combination of conversation and inspiration.



This one is unique in the sense that it focuses on the challenges of motherhood and has more of a storytelling feel to it. It’s also a great one to throw on in the background and be inspired by other women’s stories.


3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms

I love that this podcast gives you three doable takeaways for you to do each week to help make your family life a little better. Her topics are always so on point and I found myself downloading so many old ones that resonated with me!

PodcastsMotherhood & Christianity

Cultivating the Lovely

I love that this podcast combines both motherhood and Christianity and she interviews other women who are adding loveliness in the midst of chaos/cultivating the lovely.


Everyday Extraordinary

Previously Extraordinary Moms podcast, she has great topics and discussions with moms and different lessons they’ve learned along the way!

PodcastsMotherhood & Christianity

Don’t Mom Alone

Previously known as God Centered Mom, this was the podcast that first got me interested in podcasts and I have listened to her since then! She is really good at interviewing and it’s a nice one to throw on while folding laundry where you don’t have to give a huge amount of focus to but still get inspiration out of it.



When you’re feeling some uplifting, her conversations are good and there’s usually a golden moment that I get something out of it!


The Mom Hour

This podcast is two women who have conversations with each other about certain motherhood topics! A little bit different than one person interviewing another so a nice change with interesting topics.

PodcastsMotherhood & Minimalism

The Purpose Show

This podcast is a great one when you’re sick of listening to conversations of other people and want some self-help tips. She focuses a lot on motherhood and minimalism. She’s one I usually stay on top of because her episode titles resonate with me!

PodcastsEntrepreneurship and Christianity

The Women with Fire

This podcast dabbles in all three topics that I’m interested in, motherhood, entrepreneurship, and Christianity so I enjoy hearing the stories of women who are getting things done! The interviewers and most of the interviewees are members of the same church as me so I also find it inspiring to listen to and how they combine those three topics together in their lives!


The Birthful Podcast

I listened to this podcast when I was pregnant and prepping for my own labor. It was great to hear all kinds of different stories although a few may have scared me just a little bit ha!


The Fertility Warriors

I listened to this podcast when I was going through our journey of infertility. Her voice is soothing to listen to and she discusses topics that I resonated with during that time.


HeyDad Podcast

This is a podcast from the perspective of dads. It’s super light-hearted and funny so I listen to this during long road trips to make the time go by fast.

PodcastsCreative Entrepreneurs

The Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna Kutcher is an amazing source of knowledge when it comes to owning a business and rocking it! She has SO much information and gives lots of good tips on her podcast.