More Wedding Photos

To whoever is not sure about hiring a videographer for their wedding. DO IT! We actually had a videographer just for our bridal/groomal session because our situation didn’t need a videographer on the actual wedding day. And we are so glad we did it! We captured Ryan’s first look in my dress, and Ryan even mentioned he will love to look back at this video and remember how crazy in love we were ‘back then’. He liked having this video more than having a book of photos. I am in love with how the video turned out.

The song for the video has been ‘our song’ since we first dated in 2010. If you know Ryan, you know he is a very smiley guy, so this song is perfect for us!

We had our reception in Washington and it turned out exactly as I wanted it. I had a great time and we are so grateful for all the friends and family we had there to celebrate with us!

I have a pretty great father. Shout out to my dad for being the hardest working man I know. I hope I can be just as good of a parent as my mom and dad were for me!


Lastly, here are some photos of Ryan and me with the temple!

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