CFM Curriculums, Products, Videos, and Podcasts to Make your Family’s Study Memorable & Lasting!

I have been wanting to gather all the different companies and places people are giving insights and resources to help us and our families study the Come Follow Me and this post is it! How amazing that SO many people are dedicating hundreds of hours of their time to create all this content for us. Of course, it is impossible to use all of this. I tried to give a quick synopsis of each one but click on all the links and see which one feels like a good fit for you and your family. Hopefully this helps you get a good jump start to your year!

Red Headed Hostess

I think the most popular one, and for a good reason, is Red Headed Hostess. Their new branding, website, and products are so beautiful and they have thought through everything! If you are a youth or primary leader, they have some great print outs for that as well. It has pretty much everything!

I just subscribed for this one for the first time this year and I am looking forward to using it for my oldest and for my Sunday school class I teach as my calling.


This is another curriculum and includes a lot of more toddler-friendly printables and activities. I have used this one in the past and my kids have enjoyed it!

They have an “Essentials conversations” flipbook that is a great item to have on your dinner table and can work for a variety of ages. Definitely worth looking into!

Meck Mom

I subscribed to Meck Mom’s content for a few months and I really loved her unique, creative object lessons she came up with and had intricate print outs for (or very simple ones with supplies you probably already had at home). What I loved the most was the fact that these object lessons felt applicable and fun for all ages of kids. I highly recommend her subscription for families with a variety of aged kids.

Don’t Miss This Study

I have gone to Don’t Miss This on Youtube for many many weekly studies. I enjoy their insight and light banter and joyful and loving atmosphere they bring to the scriptures. This would be a great for teaching seminary class because they break things up into segments and give lots of little insights you can dive into and focus on for just one lesson.

Come Follow Me Toddlers

I’ve enjoyed following this account for activity ideas since my kids are currently all in the toddler-esque age.

Colorly Love

This company has the coolest coloring pages and coloring activities for Come Follow Me and all kinds of other holidays and Christian events. I haven’t subscribed to them yet but I am sure I will in the near future.

Love Pray Teach

Another monthly subscription that includes coloring pages, visual aids, signing time packets, and more. This company has a family plan and a calling plan

Come Follow Me Study

This subscription is geared a little more towards short devotionals for older children and families. Their biggest focus is “one minute scripture study” with a podcast that helps you get into the scriptures daily, even during our busy lives. You can order digital downloads of quarterly study guides! I like this aspect since most of the others are on a weekly/monthly basis and so you have to remember to go download them frequently whereas you can have everything all ready for 3 months at a time.

Come Follow Me Family Study

I enjoyed the printables from this site and the blog posts are great too!

David Bowman Art Subscription

This subscription is with the talented artist and his videos he puts on Youtube for free are a great for elementary kids to help them stay engaged in the lesson. I enjoy his creative explanations but even more I enjoy watching him draw at the same time.

Other LDS Products & Resources for your Home

Salt & Hart

Beautiful cards to set out in your home with all kinds of themes and focuses.

Good News Brand Co

Beautiful spot for all things LDS guidebooks and home decor. Their new bracelets are beautiful too!

Come Follow Me Co

This company has a simple weekly card set to display in your home. They also have a Spanish version which is one of the few I noticed with this option.

Podcasts To Listen To

A lot of the subscriptions above also host a podcast: Red Headed Hostess, Meck Mom, and One Minute Scripture Study.

One of my top favorite podcasts is Follow Him Podcast.

I recently learned about Come Follow Me For Us.

Come Follow Me Videos

A lot of the podcasts also have theirs on Youtube, like Follow Him and Don’t Miss This.

Here are a few other Youtube accounts for Come Follow Me you should look into:

Latter Day Kids

David Bowman Art

MTC for Kids

Line Upon Line

Lego Day Saints

Gospel For Kids

Instagram Accounts with Come Follow Me Insights to Follow

There are TONS of Instagram accounts out there. Obviously the businesses and podcasts above have instagram accounts. Here are a few that are solely on Instagram that I think are great.

@comefollowmedaily is by far my most recommended Instagram account for Come Follow Me insights and uplifting posts about scriptures from the week. I am a bit biased since the author of the posts is a dear friend of mine, but every post speaks to so many people!

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