Our sweet easy-going boy is now two. He is my cuddle buddy and I can’t help but smile when he wants his mama first thing waking up in the morning or naps. Saying he is a happy child is an understatement. He gets comments by strangers at parks for his smile and radiant happiness. It is just who he is and we love the light he brings to our family. He lets Hazel play with his new toys, blow out his candles, and flirts with all the adults around him. He is our jolly, dancing, zestful boy.

These past two years have been bliss and right now his vocabulary is booming, and his toddler accent is the most adorable thing. He will probably always be our buzz boy because he’s got a sweaty head and is at least 4 degrees warmer than anyone else I know. His dimple is always out and watching him eat with a fork by himself is one of my favorite pastimes. Especially when he catches me and gives me a little smirk. Can’t imagine our family without him!