100 Things I Love

I love a hot drink of lemon water first thing in the morning.

I love learning new things. I love all things creative.

I love sewing and knitting, quilting and pottery. I love linocut and photography, oil painting and drawing.

I love baking and gardening, glass blowing and embroidery. I love coding and designing, calligraphy and rug hooking.

I love crocheting and weaving, and bread making. I love singing and piano playing. I love refashioning, bookbinding and jewelry making. I love cyanotype and watercolor, soap and candle making.

I love making anything with my hands, whether made masterfully or for the very first time.

I love that there are still so many more things to try in this world.

I love choosing names for my babies. I love finding ones with deep meanings that connect them to God or their heritage.

I love brass and walking through antique shops alone or with a dear friend.

I love wearing my husband’s oversized jackets and extra-long sleeves that come up to the middle of my hands.

I love girl’s nights with close friends — the kind you stay up til 2 AM and laugh until your cheeks hurt. With the kind of friends where there are no eggshells to walk on and grace fills the room.

I love bucket lists.I love that there are still so many more things to see in this world.

I love creating home videos of the everyday moments or big events. I love matching them to the music and telling the story.

I love light. I love feeling a deep connection to God through it, learning from it, everything about it.

I love being pregnant.

I love the soft little arch on the bridge of my baby’s nose where I can perfectly fit my lips for a kiss.

I love wearing dresses and having my hair up.

I love feeling the sun on my face.

I love that both of my kids are left-handed like me.

I love kintsugi and the idea that our brokenness is more beautiful than our wholeness. I love that I have a belief in a loving God who knows me by name.

I love watching kids being brave on the playground.

I love bedtime and my me-time.

I love the nights when I stay up until 6 in the morning because my excitement for a project won’t allow me to sleep until it’s finished. I am so rejuvenated by the adrenalin of that task that I don’t even crash the next day.

I love that my husband makes a second serving of whatever he creates because he knows even when I say I’m not hungry, I will end up eating half of his anyways.

I love being alone and silence.

I love listening to Frank Sinatra or Chopin while I work.

I love seeing glimpses of diving timing — events transpiring in a way only God could manage.

I love organizing my digital life and creating lists of ideas in places I can find quickly. I like gathering and sharing these ideas with my friends.

I love Marco Polo and that friendships have grown and thrived over the years of moves and phases of life changes.

I love a random “thinking of you” text from someone I haven’t reached out to lately.

I love an empty inbox.

I love my Grandma Jean’s toaster oven. It made the perfectly even toasted bread every time. I love memories of growing up in a small town with oodles of cousins and family around every corner.

I love how Ryan catches my eye when one of the kids does something adorable.

I love not wearing any jewelry at all. I love that when I do, it feels all the more special.

I love when Hazel says, “Of course!” when I ask her to do a helpful task.

I love the proud look James has when he comes around the corner on his little baby bike like he is the coolest kid around.

I love getting a sweet note from Ryan and saving it with the other loving notes throughout the past 12 years.

I love resting on the couch while I hear my toddler and baby playing together quietly in the other room.

I love how excited my children get at the “Paw Patrol” theme song — especially when their parents pump them up by singing the song to them too.

I love printing and laminating things. I love dreaming up ideas to use in the future since my babies are still babies.

I love reading from my Kindle and taking the notes from a book to an Evernote for future reference.

I love being a mom, but not being only a mom.

I love the inside jokes Ryan and I have. I love that we fell in love hard and fast and young.

I love traditions — the ones I grew up with and finding new ones to create for our new little family.

I love coming home from a trip to a clean home. Nothing makes me more productive than knowing we are leaving for a trip.

I love watching my sourdough starter grow after a feed.

I love reading self-help and church-related books where I feel like a better person after reading it.

I love binging shows with Ryan.

I love podcasts about motherhood, Christianity, and/or minimalists. I love even more when they have 2/3 of those interests together.

I love diving into an internet rabbit hole of blogs where the photography and writing is just beautiful.

I love mint chocolate chip ice cream and how it reminds me that was how we celebrated surviving the witching hour with newborn Hazel.

I love a good massage and cracking all the joints in my body.

I love bacon. I love how Ryan cooks bacon.

I love the color marsala – it’s a perfect mix between red and purple that finds it’s way into all my clothing. 

I love counting little gifts from God that stop me in my tracks for just a split second from it’s beauty.

I love that I clean when I’m angry — out of all my unhealthy habits, at least this one is super productive!

I love imagining the next baby(s) to join our family and how they will fit in our little unit.

I love stroller walks with friends discussing deep and uplifting topics.

I love watching videos of people getting the golden buzzer, I tear up every time.

I love the movies that might not end up being the most entertaining, but you find yourself thinking about them weeks later.

I love filling my calendar with random holidays like “Blueberry Pancake Day” or “Dolphin Day” so I can do something fun with my kids when they’re just a bit more older. 

I love filling my calendar with ancestor’s birthdays so I can remember and read about their life on the day they were born.

I love how excited Ryan gets when I catch something he throws. 

I love Hazel’s gibberish and how she fully believes we can understand every word she is saying.

I love rainbows and arches. Simple and clean lines.

I love winding down with a hot bath and a good book.

I love that I am at peace with the glory of God’s mysteriousness and that generally I am okay with not understanding Him

I love this picture of me.

I love how easy it would be to write 100 more things I love.

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