I think we can all agree that this quarantine has been a weird time for all of us. Ryan and I are grateful that little has changed in our own family and we don’t take that for granted. Being stuck at home and not having things like playdates or museums or zoo can make these days go dreadfully long, especially with a busy one-year-old. But I know I will miss these slow days so I wanted to capture some moments of our little home life with just the three of us.

I will look back on these photos and remember: the pure pride in her face when she sits in her big girl chair for meals and watching her turn from a baby into a toddler right in front of our eyes. The curiosity that leads her to all corners of the house, leaving tiny handprints like little breadcrumbs (or actual breadcrumbs) creating a line from one place to the next. The bond that has blossomed between her and her dad. He can get the best and silliest grins and giggles and she will always choose his lap (and his water bottle). I will continue to find the tender mercies during this pandemic and I hope you find them in your own lives too.