Happy Habits Digital Download


This is not your normal to-do list. A perfect little 6″x9″ book to keep your life more organized and make sure your personal needs are being met! A place for your meals, exercise, and making sure you drink water throughout the day are only a few of the bonus sections in the book to help you create happy habits!

This is a digital download. You will receive the file with crop-marks that you can take to your local print shop to get printed, cut, and bound.

40 To-Do Pages
20 To Buy Pages



Note when printing:

  • Have them print it in black and white to save on $$
  • Cropmarks are added to help for precision cutting! To save on money, cut them yourselves (which is obviously time consuming). Print places usually charge a flat rate of $4 ($1 per side that’s cut).
  • Choose a thick cardstock paper.
  • Since this is not a standard printing size, make sure your printer has it at 100%. You shouldn’t need to ask a print shop but in case you are printing at home. It is also double sided.
  • Ask for a test print to see if it is good enough quality (some cheap print shops have print lines, even in the gray color).

Disclaimer: I cannot confirm that any local print shop will print good quality.