I prefer Venmo (@mckenziesuemakes), but also accept checks. If you are wanting to pay through PayPal there will be an additional 3% fee for any invoices over $100.

If you are out of the United States or do not own Venmo, I will provide my address for you to send a check.

I offer a number of packages:

  • Branding Package (starting at $2,000)
  • Custom Blog/Website (starting at $10,000)
  • Branding & Custom Blog/Website (both packages at a discounted price)
  • Newsletter Strategy Package (starting at $500)
  • SEO Package (starting at $500)

The prices are dependent for each person and circumstance but this can give you a starting point.

In the first few years I started my business, I would buy WordPress themes and customize them for my clients to fit their branding and add the features we discussed. The internet is always changing and even 6 months later when that client would ask for something they wanted to add it would be terribly difficult to do. Those themes were built to do what they do and not much more. So after I mastered my development skills I decided to only offer custom sites.

This ensures that the site is made just for you and your business’s strategy and focuses! And when the internet does something new and you want to implement a new feature, I won’t have to tell you no and the opportunities are limitless for growth!