Feature Friday: Cake by Courtney

This Feature Friday is all about cakes! Cake by Courtney reached out to me to help transition her site from Wix and transform it into a better working site with easier navigation to the archives. I absolutely loved working with Courtney and she was a champ when we had to manually input the posts in since Wix has no way to export posts (Wix is no good guys).

With her site we wanted it to be very image heavy since her cakes are gorgeous and speak for themselves. We added sliders to pages for easy exploration and all the archives have a masonry Pinterest-like feel to quickly see what the recipe is about.

We created an easy way for people to get the supplies and unique ingredients she uses for her cakes with a shop page.

So far I have made the Fruity Pebbles cake which was not as hard as I initially thought it would be! I’m excited to try the Biscoff or the Smores cake. The Caramel Apple and Butterbeer ones are also ones on my list! Her site is a great one to go to for your next special occasion or birthday cake!

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