Bucket List: Ride a Camel

I think high on everyone’s bucket list is to ride a camel. It definitely was a big one on mine. When I was living in Jerusalem summer of 2012, we took a field trip to Jordan and one of the days was exploring Petra (also a big bucket list spot!). To say I was excited was an understatement. After we walked through the narrow path between two tall sandstone cliffs out pops the first glimpse of the Petra Treasury. It is definitely a sight to see. At the Treasury, there were camels that you could get a little photo op in front of the iconic building. Yes please!

We hopped on and each snapped some pictures with the iconic Petra Treasury. Inside the Treasury is just a simple box room, where the colors of the sandstone are absolutely breath-taking! After my photos were done, the camel kneels down for you to hop off and it was a funny sensation having to be rocked back and forth to get to the ground.

The pink sandstone buildings are so stunning and this UNESCO World Heritage site has so much amazing history within it so it’s definitely a place to add to your Bucket List. There is so much to explore in The Rose City but while there make sure to ride a camel!

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