Bucket List: Hold a Snake

About two years ago we made a 2.5 week trip over to Thailand and Cambodia to visit my husband’s two-year mission. It was an absolute blast, you can read more and watch the video we made here but I didn’t go into much detail about a bucket list item I am so excited I got to check off. I never actually thought I’d ever get to hold a snake, especially one this large!

The day started with a trip to the Maeklong Railway Market just outside of Bangkok where we walked through and bought a few of Ryan’s favorite fruits. We had to stop halfway to let a train through and it’s amazing how everyone just picks up the tent poles, pushes a few tables out of the way and makes just enough room for the train to pass by.

Our next stop was the Floating Market where you can ride a boat through channels of shops. This has become a hot tourist spot so it was packed in certain places but still fun to go through and experience!

After we got off the boat we walked by a group that were offering photos with little monkeys and snakes. Usually you just pass by because you know it’ll be expensive but I was not going to let the opportunity to hold a snake pass me by so we stopped and had some fun!

The snake was pretty heavy and they wouldn’t let me hold it by myself and although Ryan is absolutely terrified or snakes he was not going to wuss out and not join me so it was a fun moment of facing fears! The monkeys were very cute and tiny and they would grab onto our nose or fingers. It ended up not being that expensive at all, we just tipped whatever we wanted and we have some fun memories and photos to remember of this day!

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