Printable Autumn Bucket List

It’s Autumn! Everyone loves it so much it’s turned into a cliché. But that feeling of transition and the beautiful colors nature shows off, how can you not feel motivated to do all the things!?

If you know me you know I’m a Bucket List lady. I am also a big list girl and I think writing down what you need or want to do really helps reach your goals and nothing is better than crossing them off the list.

I made this minimal Autumn Bucket List so that it doesn’t scream for attention on your fridge but gives you a space to write down what you want to do this fall. At the bottom are a list of ideas to add to your Autumn Bucket list.

It is nice to have this list because on weekends when you have nothing to do, you can just look at your list and choose something on there to do!

Although I have a spot in the top right to write down how many you did out of the 48 I don’t believe that you HAVE to get through everything on your list or else you failed (nor do you need to fill out all 48 spots). Just take it one bucket list item at a time and enjoy the fleeting season we call fall.

Also, can we just talk about how cute these comparison photos I took this weekend are? I photographed Hazel in this skunk pullover on October 2019 during General Conference and I wanted to copy it with James exactly 2 years later (maybe I make this a tradition with all my kids, I freaking love this skunk sweater). James is 3 months older and fills out that sweater a bit more. Seeing the leaves on the ground and pulling out this skunk sweater even if it’s too small makes my heart so very happy.

Enjoy making memories this fall with your family!

*I recommend printing on thicker cardstock paper

Fall Bucket list Ideas

  1. Take a scenic fall drive
  2. Go apple picking
  3. Visit a pumpkin patch
  4. Make caramel apples
  5. Bake a pumpkin pie
  6. Make a new soup
  7. Watch a Halloween movie together
  8. Attend an Oktoberfest/Fall Festival/County Fair
  9. Create a Leaf Craft
  10. Go on a Hayride
  11. Visit a Haunted House
  12. Carve a pumpkin
  13. Watch a scary movie
  14. Have a Family Game Night
  15. Make Granola
  16. Have a Campfire
  17. Have a Harry Potter Marathon
  18. Have a Chili friend cookoff
  19. Jump in a Pile of Leaves
  20. Rake your neighbor’s leaves
  21. Make a Halloween Craft
  22. Take fall family photos
  23. Roast Marshmallows and sip on apple sider
  24. Go on a Bike Ride
  25. Make a Halloween Costumne
  26. Visit a Farmer’s Market
  27. Escape a Corn Maze
  28. Go on a Fall Nature Walk
  29. Roast Pumpkin Seeds
  30. Go Trick-or-Treating
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