FIVE New Site Launches!


Hey guys! I am pretty excited today because my hard work has paid off and FIVE new sites have launched! I work with Verisage and it has been really fun to work with bloggers from around the world and help make their dream site come true!

First site is The Glam and Glitter. Tamara is from Switzerland and not only is she an amazing fashion blogger but she is so sweet and I’ve enjoyed working with her. My favorite thing about this site is the Travel Page. We had a couple developers added to the team with me and so we could do more cool stuff like this.


The next site is Kara’s Party Ideas. This is a BIG one. She gets thousands to millions of page views a month and thousands of posts. It’s a pretty cool site and if you are looking for a theme for a birthday/baby shower/bridal shower party, this is the place to go!


Rock & Grey is another fashion blog by Melis in London. Glam and Glitter and her site are similar but what I love about her site is the ability to put the title and date on the slider and have options for it to be black or white, and left, centered, or right. So she has the capability to make the slider look good with any picture!


Doran blogs on Haute Beauty Guide and gives lots of beauty and fashion tips. Her site was fun and feminine and has a very cool function that loads the posts when you scroll which is unique to the rest of the blogs!


And last but not least is Ponchos and Palm Trees by Camille. We just barely launched this morning and although she is a new fashion blogger, I can already tell she is going to be a good one! Just look at what she’s already accomplished in her life so far! I love how her category page turned out and the fun effect of the hover.


I absolutely love what I do and I love that I get to meet new people and learn so many different things!

We have ANOTHER site launching next week which is exciting as well. As you can see I’ve been really busy and now I’m going to go sleep, bye! 😉

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