Halfway around the Sun with Hazel Sue


She is so sweet and happy, seriously the most easy-going baby ever! As long as she’s fed and rested, she just smiles and babbles and observes the world around her with her huge blue eyes. She has started to love sticking her tongue out and blowing bubbles, especially at Dad since he taught her how to do it.

She loves getting kisses on her hands and loves to reach her hand into my mouth and curl around my teeth while she nurses. She also has recently been combing her hand through my hair when it falls down in front of her. It’s the cutest thing because she rarely ever pulls, just gently combs through it. Such a sweet and curious little girl she is.

She loves her alone time under her play gym (not always but frequently). I also have noticed that if we get out of the house for a bit in the morning (no longer than an hour and a half) she does better for the rest of the day. If we stay cooped up in the house for too long she gets a little stir-crazy, we both do!


This month was all about rolling! We weaned her off the Dock-a-Tot and immediately after, that she started rolling all over the place her in crib. We will most likely find her sleeping face down with her arms to one side or on her side with her head cranked back. It doesn’t look the comfiest but apparently she loves it ha.

She is starting to get a bit more stable at sitting but only for a second or two before she plops over. By the end of six months, she was a sitting pro!

We had started feeding her solid foods and she absolutely loved sitting in her high chair like a big girl!


She is not on a consistent sleep schedule so the time she goes to bed depends on when her naps were during the day but it’s usually between 6-7 so I have plenty of free time where Ryan and I can be together. She sleeps a solid 9-hour stretch every night and then another 3 or 4-hour stretch after that, usually falling asleep immediately after an early feed. She still can’t last more than about 2-3 hours awake so the last 15 minutes of church she struggles to stay awake.

She loves her naps and will nap between an hour to 3 hours during the day. So even though I’m waking up at 3 or 5 to feed her in the morning, it doesn’t bother me because she sleeps plenty during the day for me to catch up on work or my own sleep.

The other change with sleep has been that she no longer naps well on the go. We’re in a bit of a tricky stage for getting out of the house but I know her awake time will lengthen soon and it will be easier to go out and do things. She can take tiny cat naps in her carseat but they leave her pretty grumpy for the rest of the day. There is no way she’ll sleep in our arms which makes me sad to think that phase is now pretty much gone.


Although we are not at all on a strict time schedule, I try to consistently do the Eat – Activity – Sleep advice from BabyWise. She has always been good about self-soothing and I think what helps attribute to that is the fact that I would be answering emails when she would start crying and by the time I hurried and wrapped up an email, she had fallen back asleep on her own.

We love our little Hazel and can’t believe she’s already 6 months!

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