We’re hitting the mid-morning lag when I pulled out and lit a candle. She squealed with delight; we had been to three separate birthday parties that week and so she knew the excitement of the glow and blowing it out. With all the fervor in her little body, she sucked up as much air as she could and blew out the cutest little psh sound. The candle didn’t even flicker. After a second unsuccessful blow, I bent down beside her and gave a soft blow at the same time. The fire was extinguished, she clapped her hands, and turned to me to say, “I did it!” I smiled and stood back up.

I was watching my friend’s two little kids one morning. She had just had a baby and was coming home for the first time since the birth. As I was scouring the pantry for snacks to pass out, I noticed my forgotten box of dates. I need to use those; they’ve been in there way too long. I pulled them out and decided that I could make some energy balls for my friend. I had all the ingredients: oats, honey, dates, chocolate chips. Even flax seeds and chia seeds to make it extra nutritious. I involved the kids in the process and thankfully no fights ensued. Once she arrived home, her four-year-old daughter proudly brought a bag to her and told her all about how these would help her make milk for the baby. My friend later texted how incredibly grateful she was and that it was exactly what she needed when coming home.

After I had made the treats, my thoughts were along the lines of “how great of a friend I am”. And then I got my friend’s text and the first thing that popped into my mind was a picture of my daughter. Blowing and trying with all her might to do her task. But it wasn’t until someone older (and a larger lung capacity) came to help that she was actually able to blow out the candle. I was her — thinking “I did it” all on my own and was completely oblivious to the help I had received. But now I noticed. That small and simple thought didn’t come from me. It came from a much older and wiser Being who was bending down right beside me — invisible to me — and giving me a helping hand. This Being being of course the Holy Spirit acting in One with God who whispers in a small voice. Who comforts and helps us to comfort and help others. Who doesn’t seek glory and probably smiled and stood back up after I acted on the thought to make a simple treat for a dear friend.

This analogy may seem silly and not really that profound, but it was a powerful testimony and reminder to me that we have some One by our side, cheering and leading and helping us along even if you don’t realize it. So next time you say “I did it!”, you may want to look around your shoulder and give the credit to the Big Guy.

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