Nativity Cross-Stitching Patterns

Stained Glass Nativity Scene

This stained glass nativity cross-stitch is for sure the biggest and time-consuming of the list but I just love the vibrant detail and it would be a stunning piece on the wall during Christmastime.

This is another stained-glass cross-stitch piece from the Etsy shop that I loved. The vertical size of this one would look nice in a tall and narrow frame on the wall.

Keepsake Calendar 1994 Nativity Scene

As I was researching all of these patterns, I wasn’t quite sure which I loved most. When the next day this one was gone off Etsy and I was completely bummed, I knew this was the one I wanted to stitch for our home. I was able to find out it is from a Calendar in 1994 and found another seller and it’s coming in the mail now! I just love how the piece is focused on the baby Jesus and everything else is desaturated out. I can’t wait to get started on it!

Hark the Herald Angels Sing Cross-Stitch Pattern

This cross-stitch design is modern and unique. I love the blues.

Classic Christmas Scene Cross-Stitch

This nativity cross-stitch looks like it would take ages and ages but it sure is absolutely beautiful!

Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus Figurines

I adore this little figurine and plan on making it to sit on the coffee table so my kids can pick it up and play with it. The link is the pattern so it’s completely free, just print and stitch away!

If you’re looking for a more kid-friendly piece, this nativity cross-stitch pattern is very cute and is a fun size to hang on the wall.

Modern Simple Nativity Cross-Stitch Figurines

I know my kids would love these little cross-stitch figurines and they seem somewhat simple to make.

Leisure Arts Vintage Hardcover Cross Stitch Pattern Book 1993

The Merry Christmas ABC Book from 1993 has a number of patterns I love, including this nativity wall art depicting Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. It has a vintage feel that I love.

O’ Holy Night Book One Vintage Cross Stitch Pattern Leaflet 1988

This cross-stitch pattern book by Kooler Design Studio & Dimensions has the most vibrant pieces. There is a number of different designs and I think they would look very cute on a little mantle during Christmastime.

Mary, Joseph, and Christ Child Cross-Stitch Pattern

I love this cross-stitch stitched on a dark background. It’s simple yet elegant and has a vintage touch to it.

Christmas Nativity by Vermillion Stitchery

Another cross-stitch figurine set that could make a great play set or even ornaments.

Dollhouse Nativity Cross-Stitch Stocking

This mini stocking cross-stitch is just adorable and would be the perfect addition to any dollhouse you own!

Needlepoint Nativity Pattern

I absolutely love the star nativity frame as well as the little nativity and their unique shapes. This one is next on my list to make!

Mary and Baby Jesus Cross-Stitch Pattern

This cross-stitch piece is a nice depiction of Mary with her newborn Christ child. It has a delicate border and a unique look to it.

Christmas Portraits By Leisure Arts Vintage Hardcover Cross Stitch Pattern Book 1991

This book has a couple of nice nativity cross-stitch patterns. They have a 90’s feel to them and would be nostalgic in a home, even if it was made 30 years later!

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