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I decided to take some time to focus on my personal branding which usually gets pushed aside. I started with a moodboard which is always fun and then tried a few directions until I came to this one. I wanted my freelance ‘McKenzie Sue’ branding to be professional, but almost identical to my ‘McKenzie Sue Makes’ while still letting my blog header have a little more fun. The spacing between the a and k on makes is already bugging me but I think this branding will stay with me for a while. Here are a few headers I had been using previously, you can definitely see the transformation to more simplicity.


I love all the little icons, I am trying to figure out a way for me to still use some of these elements. I was immensely inspired by a Pinterest logo (which means a lot of it is copied) so I just didn’t feel right using it.


I used elements like these in my wedding invitations and I just loved them so I wanted to implement it into my blog. Except I don’t know why I chose the funkiest looking part of my invitation on those left and right border, I definitely just tried to throw something together a little too quickly.

I’m excited to see where my freelance site and blog take me, I have already figured out I am not good at writing, as well as posting consistently, but I’m glad to have a space in the world of internet that I can call mine 🙂

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  1. OKay, so hear me out, we have mutual friends, and I shamelessly follow your insta, pinterest, and blog… (so now we are through with introductions), i’ve have this really big dream of creating a business where people can print their blogs easily and cheaply. I’m sure you are aware of like blog2print, and other things like that, but they make your blog into a book, and frankly it looks like crap! I just would love to create something that people could print their blog, and it keeps the layout, the look, the style everything about it. (Okay, or maybe its just me that really wants to print it, and no one else). But with all your programing – coding knowledge, how feasible do you think this is??? My husband is an information systems major, so I’m sure I would rely on his help. This is really just an idea that i’m talking out loud about — but since you are a programming goddess, I thought I’d just get your opinion and such. Anyways… thanks. I love your blog the content and design its just refreshing! 🙂

    1. You are so nice! Actually, a friend of mine just contacted me with this idea and a team of theirs is in the process of creating something like this. They are still in the beginnings of the the whole process but I’ll forward your email to him, I thinking they are wanting to gather information and have some focus groups to see how exactly different bloggers and people would like to use it. I think it’s a great idea too!