How to add a new User to your Google Analytics

I want to help you make your year more intentional and have you start using your Google Analytics to help your business grow! Your analytics are there to support your blogging. Let’s learn from the past to drive more future visitors. In order to help you do so, I will need access to your account. Please follow these instructions below!

Sign into Google Analytics

First, sign into Google Analytics at If you do not have Google Analytics for your site, you should sign up right now! Contact me and I can help you set that up.

At the bottom left, click on the gear icon that says Admin.

Click the far left User Management under ‘Account’. It is red in the screenshot below.

At the top right is a blue plus arrow, click and choose ‘Add users’.

Fill out the form by putting in my address [email protected] (or the email address of your choice). Make sure you have it checked to notify me as well as all the other checkboxes below since I will need access to all pages. (The bottom ‘Manage Users’ is optional but I recommend for those who aren’t tech-savvy).

And that’s it! Add as many users as you’d like. You can see in these screenshots, I now have both of my emails on my Google Analytics account so whenever I sign into either I have access to all my stat information.

Don’t forget about Google Search Console!

In order to really understand your audience, we also need to connect Google Search Console to your website. This has all the information about what keywords people are writing into Google that end up clicking on your site and their behavior after that. It is very important for you to know. Try signing in to to see if you have one set up. This one is not as common so a few of my clients might not have this connected. Try a few emails and if you still have no luck, contact me and I can help you set one up and get the right settings in! If you do, look at the screenshot below to add me ([email protected]) as a user.

Let’s get nerdy!

What is one of your goals for your business? Let’s chat about how we can use your previous year’s stats to help you achieve that goal!

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