November 2015


Another month comes and goes, but these two we got to see lots and lots of family! The month started off with a trip to Disneyland with family! Everyone was coming, except Ryan since he had school. I was gone for 11 days and it was the longest we’d been away from each other since we’ve been married and it was way harder than we thought!

IMG_3793 IMG_3818

Loved seeing the expressions on my niece and nephew’s faces!


Had to get a picture with Curious George while we were at Universal Studios for Ryan and his mom!


This wasn’t on Ryan’s food list but it sure was on mine!

IMG_3913 IMG_3910

Corndogs from Disneyland are to die for!


Got to meet my new nephew for the first time as well as hang out with my brother before he left for his mission!


Probably the best part of the whole month was coming home to Ryan and seeing this set-up in our front room. New frames and an easel I wanted, cereal, flowers, and the house completely cleaned! I love my husband!


December came the first snow, and it really dumped. Luckily it melted pretty quickly and it still hasn’t snowed since!


Love this little guy and the cute things he always says!


I made a fun little DIY Banner right before we left for Thanksgiving and I am pretty excited of the ideas this gave me.


Had a fun Thanksgiving trip and had some family pictures taken!

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