Sheep Knit Blanket

Cutest baby sheep blanket knitting pattern

This picture was one of the first images I pinned on Pinterest circa 2011. I was determined that sometime in my life I would make this blanket. But I had no idea how to knit. Added to the list of things I want to learn and eventually forgot about it.

In February, we had an activity where a few ladies in my ward taught those who were interested how to knit and I was so on board. I immediately remembered this project and was now ready to try it out. When I get interested in a project/hobby I go all in. So I marched over to Michaels and bought handfuls of yarn, different sized needles, and searched online for the best beginner knitting patterns to start practicing my new skill. I made a little baby shoe (fail), a baby hat (fail), and then just tried different kinds of cool patterns. I found out that you had to buy a book in order to get the baby sheep pattern and after finding an e-book option I decided to buy it and get started. The $9.99 was definitely worth it!

Precious Baby Knit Blankies for baby

The book is Precious Knit Blankies for Baby (Leisure Arts# 5500) by Jean Adel. You can find it on amazon for paper back but I just wanted the e-book which is found on

I started it in March on the plane ride home from visiting my sister in New York and I finally finished it yesterday and sent it off to my newest little nephew. It definitely doesn’t take that long, I neglected it for a solid 3 weeks in April. It has lots of imperfections (most don’t really look like sheep) and there are a few lines where I completely messed up the border pattern but I guess that’s just part of the process right? I am in love with it and hopefully will be making another one soon!


I should have taken pictures of the process and explain how I did it but I didn’t. 🙂 If you have any questions I would love to answer them though!

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