Wildlife Treasuries

I don’t know about you but I was obsessed with these when I was little.

Wildlife Treasuries! We had a big green box full of them! I was that nerdy kid that would pull out cards and read the back of each for hours.If you still don’t know what I’m talking about watch this hilariously 80’s commercial.

When I visited home a while ago I pulled out that box and had a blast from the past. After being in design school for 2 years I realized how much better they could be! And that’s when the gears started turning. I took a bookbinding class my last semester of college and so I designed the cards and created boxes to hold them. Here is what I came up with!

The beautiful photography of the animals is by Andrew Zuckerman from both is Creature and Bird projects. I drool over his Flower book and want all the pictures hung on my wall.

The illustration is from Charley Harper. If you haven’t heard of him take a look at his work. He is an amazing illustrator and they were perfect for this project focused on kids.

I love the contrast of the crisp photography on the front and the fun illustrations on the back. I decided to keep the information about the animals the same as the old cards because I enjoyed reading them and I like that it doesn’t dumb down the information for kids but helps them learn new words and spark their curiosity in animals.

For the WILD deboss, I printed the name and carved into the binders board with an Xacto knife multiple times until it was deep enough for my liking and then covered it with the fabric while pushing into those indents. I wish I had more pictures to show the process of how I made them but another post another project I guess.

I really enjoyed making these and I would love to make them in bulk so all families could own a set but I obviously don’t own the rights to the photography and illustrations, this was just a school project. But a fun one nonetheless.

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