Books I’ve Read Lately

We lived in Iowa for four years and I never went to the library once. Okay, I went once, but it was with a friend for a kid activity. I didn’t get a library card and I never checked out a book. Four years! When we moved to St. Louis, I wanted that to change so within the first few weeks, I found a nearby library I liked and checked out my first book.

I started out with a lot of self-help/parenting books and lately, I’ve had to take a break from the information overwhelm and enjoy a few novels. The past 4 months I have read these books and each one I have learned something great from. I forgot how much I enjoyed reading!

You’ll notice that the first 3 books are about French parenting. I love their ideas on parenting and wanted to soak up as much as I could. I took lots of notes and want to write a whole blog post just on what I’ve learned from these, but I want to give it some time once I’ve had a bit more experience parenting on my own.

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You can see the books I’m reading or want to read on my Good Reads account. Now that I will be reading books on a regular basis, any books you recommend I add to my list?

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