If we wouldn’t have gone to Berlin, we would have spent the weekend in Belgium. So when we saw a day trip to Bruges we immediately signed up! We got on a bus and after a 3 hour ride we were there!

It was a beautiful day and there were so many pretty brick buildings! We walked through a green park until we got to the streets.

We stopped at the most photographed spot of Bruges and then had 3 hours of free time! Bruges is such a beautiful little town. Apparently that day, two cruise lines had come in and so it was particularly crowded. By the time our group split the crowds started getting smaller.

We made our way to the Chocolate Museum. It was a very cool museum, it walked you through every single process of chocolate making. We found a spot to eat, I got a beef stew and Ryan got oysters. He ate so many!

We spent a long time looking for a nice souvenir but everywhere we looked, it just looked cheap and kitschy. We decided our souvenir would be chocolate and found a nice praline shop and bought a box.

We got back to the bus and had a nice waffle as we waited for the rest of the group. We ended up waiting about 20 minutes for one last couple that had gotten lost. They came just before we started to leave and luckily no one was left behind because getting back is much harder on train than bus. We really enjoyed Belgium and happy to experience another little Europe town!

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