Bucket List: Attend a Tomato Festival

As a Bucket List loving person, I obviously had a tomato fight/festival on my list. It was just a matter of when and where. When I read about a tomato festival going on in Brooklyn the summer I was living in New York I knew I had to go! Opportunities like this don’t come often.

I surprisingly convinced three of my friends to come with me and we had no idea what we were getting into…

I put my camera in a Ziploc and we went right in. It was a hot July day so you can imagine what overripe squishy hot tomato juice everywhere would smell like. I literally almost threw up my breakfast as we walked through the hot mush.

When we were done we realized there was no way to wash off and so everyone who attended rode home stinking up the buses and subways. We definitely got plenty of weird and gross stares. I ended up throwing away my shoes and all the clothes I wore there. There no use saving them.

Life lesson: Being surrounded by tons of hot smelly tomato is going to ruin spaghetti for about 3 years (serious). Only in the past year I have been fine eating food with cooked diced tomatoes. Overall though it was worth all the smelliness and craziness and made for a great fun day!

What’s on your bucket list? You can check mine out here!


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