Dead Sea Field Trip

The Monday after Galilee we went on yet another field trip, but this time to the Dead Sea! We went to Masada, floated in the Dead Sea, and went to Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.
Our first stop was Masada, which was a huge place built by Herod the Great, not surprisingly, and it is famous for the Zealot Revolt against the Romans.
Brother Ludlow telling us about Masada.
In a huge cistern (Tacy, Natalie, Josh, and I)
At almost every site there is a restoration line the archaeologists put to show what they have restored and what is original. Of course I had to take lots of pictures of it but the lines just looked so cool!
Pointing to where we stood
Another Bible Dictionary picture! (Judean Wilderness)
Dwight sweeping Devery off her feet 🙂
Jerica being my model. I ordered her to get on the ground and she kindly obeyed me. Thanks Jerica!

Next we went to Ein Gedi, which is a hiking place that has lots of waterfalls and I’m not a hiker but it was fun to do that.

Lauren is the sweetest person I’ve ever met in my entire life!
Josh took my camera and took this legit picture of a hirax
I’m eating Josh 🙂

Next was the Dead Sea! The Dead Sea is 30% salt. Compared to the average ocean which is 3% that is a lot! It was so cool. We walked in and immediately you float and just sit there. It was the coolest feeling ever but the minerals definitely stung so I couldn’t stay long.


We found some mud a ways off and completely covered ourselves. We see shops selling dead sea mud everywhere and we got the real deal for free! After washing it off our skin felt so smooth. We don’t need no spa!
Hailey, Analise, and I
AJ and I
It was a lot of fun!

Next was Qumran! Brother Ludlow was with our class this field trip and Dead Sea Scrolls are his thing so we got to hear him talk about them and see where they were found which was cool.

I was bored of boring pictures so I had a little fun taking some other kind. I took pictures of the essential things we have and need this summer.


Receivers attached to the hip


Water in any way


Sunglasses and silly faces
And don’t ever forget that J-pack!
Natalie and I with the Dead Sea cave (little hole behind us in the bottom corner)
With Robin, Brother Huntsman, and Brother Ludlow. One of my favorite things about being here is having a close relationship with your teachers. They know us personally and we know their wives and kids, we eat and see them daily and say goodnight to them. I am going to miss that in Provo where professors have thousands of students instead of just a few of us.

It was an awesome field trip and our last real one. Now we have our Last Week of Christ field trip and I am on the plane home. It’s very bittersweet but I’m ready to come home and bless others because I have been blessed to come here.

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