Family Traditions

I don’t know if it’s the fact that we are having our first child or that Christmas season is here but I am all about family traditions. Let’s be real, I’ve been into family traditions since I was like 15. I have kept a list of things I want to do with my future family in Evernote since who knows when and have been adding to it since.

So when I had a baby shower, I wanted to hear from others what they loved doing as a family either growing up or what they do now. I love gathering information like this and I thought I would share it with you! I broke it down into different categories and added a few I have gathered over the years. Enjoy the pretty pictures from my amazing baby showers while you’re reading!


  1. My family always has the same breakfast on Christmas every year. Spanish Tortilla (from Spain) and Orange Julius.
  2. Sibling Christmas Eve sleepover!
  3. We love to decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving! Growing up I had a tree in every room. It was the most magical thing!
  4. 12 days of Christmas, you open a gift with an activity for the family (first snowfall – hot chocolate & a new movie, etc.)
  5. Themed holiday outfits.
  6. December 1st boxes! (Pajamas, Hot Chocolate, Christmas movie, Christmas book, popcorn, candy).
  7. Gift to give to Jesus, every year write a letter to promise something to Jesus that you will do and open it the next Christmas
  8. Gingerbread Nativity
  9. Make ornaments or buy one each year so they can take with them to decorate their own tree. Maybe try to make it have something to do with their year.
  10. Look at Christmas lights
  11. Bake cookies for neighbors or via ding-dong ditch
  12. Have a manger under the tree and fill with straw, each piece for a good deed we do during the holiday season.
  13. We made peppermint snowmen each year
  14. Kindness Elf “Santa’s little Helpers” (similar to Elf on the Shelf, elves are sent by Santa to send Christmas cheer to all and they leave an act of kindness they hope the kids will do that day) OR Wisemen Adventures (Wisemen are looking around the house for Jesus and each day are on a new adventure)
  15. Open pajama’s on Christmas Eve
  16. Christmas book unwrapping each day


Other Holidays

  1. When our kids were little we would go to a movie and pizza the night before Thanksgiving.
  2. Themed holiday dinners aka green food on St. Patrick’s Day, heart pancakes for Valentine’s etc.
  3. Valentine’s Day: Start Feb 1st and write love notes in then read the 14th
  4. Easter: Empty Tomb Cinnamon Rolls



  1. Celebrate birthdays, they’re only young once!
  2. We open a present at breakfast, one at lunch (we take it to school), and then the largest or coolest at dinner. That way the festivities last all day!
  3. Birthday tablecloth and donuts for breakfast on every birthday!
  4. Laid balloons out on their bedroom floor the night before their birthday.
  5. Birthdays are a huge deal! The birthday person chooses the meals for the entire day!
  6. Special birthday plate
  7. Birthday date – gets a date with just the parents on their birthday month



  1. Sunday family dinner where Dad always said the prayer.
  2. General Conference weekend with Swedish pancakes!
  3. Start bread the night before and have it with every Sunday meal.



  1. Swimming in the river at Grandma’s house during summer vacation.
  2. Camping with a family fun day filled with games
  3. Camping every simmer with cousins


At Home

  1. Have a carpet picnic in your living room with finger foods.
  2. My mom read to us a lot. Even when we were older she would read us books


Aren’t these swan cream puffs just the cutest!? I am so impressed, my former cheerleader coach made them.


  1. Taking a trip with all our family ever 3 years!
  2. Monthly photos 1-12 months
  3. Ebelskivers on special occasions
  4. We’d celebrate our parents 1st time they met by doing what they did (making donuts and drinking Root Beer).
  5. Each season/quarter, each child gets a “Daddy Date” to spend with just him.
  6. We would have Monkey Bread for breakfast on the first day of school.
  7. Back to School Dad Blessing and interview


What are some family traditions you grew up with or that you would want to implement with your own family that I may have missed? I honestly want to know, comment below so we can keep the list growing!

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