First Project of the Year

The first project of the year is finished! Whenever we travel I try to find a quick knitting project on Purl Soho to take with me on the airplane. When I saw the mittens I knew they’d be perfect! A little challenging, they looked gorgeous, and totally doable during our trip.

This pattern is called Seed Stitch, where you do knit, purl around the whole thing. It’s all based on having an odd number of stitches so the next row the look is off-centered and creates that look. It also feels very nice because of the pattern. You can find the free pattern here. It only takes one skein of yarn, mine is Pima Cotton from We Are Knitters.

You can see in the image above, that the left mitten right above the thumb has a mistake. This happened because that row I accidentally messed up the order of knit purl and so the purl knots were on top of each other instead of every other which is actually a stockinette stitch. Luckily it’s where the widest part of the hand is so it isn’t that noticeable when wearing. I’m actually pretty amazed that was my biggest mistake!

So excited about my first knitting project of the year, what should I knit next!?


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