Motherhood Photography Challenge | Free Printable

Taking photos of my kids has been a passion of mine before I even had kids. Which may seem a little weird but I just knew I would want to capture those moments in time to look back on once they are grown. The fact that you can get the tiniest of details and bundle it into a little photo is so powerful.

I know of a lot of friends who own nice cameras but are intimidated and don’t pull it out, even though they have good intentions to do so. I created this Photography Challenge sheet to help prompt you to grab that camera and just snap the photo! You may say, “oh well I don’t know how to use it or use it in manual mode” and all I have to say back is, practice makes progress. No one is completely perfect at it, and the more photos you take, the better you will understand your camera, it’s settings, and what composition you want to use to take the photo.

I also made sure that the Motherhood Photography Challenge sheet included as many prompts that encourage you to get in front of the camera! We have thousands of photos of our kids but how many of them have you in it too? I would take a guess there are not many (and I am first in line at fault with that).

Instead of the challenge being a “30 day Photography Challenge” where you try to take a photo every single day, this one is more laid back in case you just don’t have time one day to do it. It’s laid out almost like a bucket list of photo ideas so you can pick and choose which photo to take since you may not be going going to the store on the day that the prompt is ‘grocery shopping’.

I can’t wait to hear those of you who join the challenge, tag me in your Instagram photos so I can see your beautiful littles!

Here are a few photos I’ve taken over the past 2 years that I love. Scroll to the bottom of the printable download!

My favorite childhood photography Instagram accounts I follow:

I can’t wait to see the amazing shots you get of your kids!

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