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The “Back Up” Puppy

I open the package and even before I take off the vacuum-sealed bag, I can tell that this second puppy will never pass as the real stuffed Roczen. As a type-A planner, I buy a back-up before I even need it, for the potential dreadful day that he might get lost. But more so, I relish the day I will get to gift her this new fluffy puppy when she has her first baby of her own.

I place them side by side and it is quite humorous. OG Roczen’s hair is completely matted and the white fur is more of a gray brown. The beard hair is supposed to be fluffy but it has no softness to it at all. His eyes are scraped badly and there is a tiny bundle of hairs on the side of one cheek that are permanently straight. I catch Hazel twirling this tiny spot between her two fingers anytime she is holding him during a calm moment. He is her comfort and companion. They are ride-and-die friends in car rides and playgrounds and everything in-between. And until just recently, it was the end of the world when he needed a “bath” in the washer. Today though, she came running down the stairs dramatically lamented about the chocolate she had gotten on Roczen just a few seconds ago and how he desperately needed a bath right away. Which is how I am even holding him, next to his much younger and cleaner twin, since Roczen is always always by her side at night.

I store the new puppy in a container for future keeping and place little Roczen at the foot of her door. A happy delightful surprise when she wakes up. But let’s be honest, even if I didn’t do that, it would be the first thing she would ask for in the morning: Puppy Roczen.

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Sunshine Mats for your Front Door

Who doesn’t want more sunshine in their home? I love that it represents the light that is within our home and we can hopefully shine that light out to the community and world outside of our home! I found the best mats full of happy sunlight, which do you like best?

1 | I have this at the foot of my front door and I absolutely love it. It doesn’t fall apart like other doormats.
2 | I love this sturdy material and stylization of the rays on this mat.
3 | This rug is reversible — enough said!
4 | I love the color scheme of this rug and the corner position reminds me of children’s drawings.
5 | Colors and sun shape on point for this mat!
6 | Isn’t this one just a beautiful gauze sun rug for a nursery?
7 | I love this bath mat, the shape, the short square sun rays, so great!
8 | This arch crochet rug is more subtle of a sun but it’s still there.
9 | If you want a standard coconut coir doormat, this cute sun one is for you!

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