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I’m McKenzie and I make stuff like it’s my job. More specifically, I design brands & develop websites for people that want to share their amazing ideas with the world! I also love to do personal projects. Whether it’s through design, photography, knitting, calligraphy, cooking, crafting — I’ll try just about anything! My motto is: Why be a master in one thing when you can be great at dozens of things...

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Motherhood — 2 min read

Climb High My Little Girl

I have always strived to be a calm parent, even before I had kids. The kind of mother that doesn’t jump up in reaction to a seemingly small, skinned knee. A mother who is not reactionary, but is responsive. I’ve read books about it that probably engrained this into my personality even more than it already was (this one and this one are two of my absolute favorite).

From these books, and my little experience, I am always observing out of the corner of my eye when my kids are exploring. But I give them their space to make their own decisions and take their own risks. If they have a short fall that I can tell they are not seriously hurt, I watch in my peripheral vision how they react. I check to see: what are they going do, how do they feel about this. But I do not give them eye contact and I try to keep my expression as neutral as possible. Wait why? Because once they see me watching and read my face, it allows them to think “Mom is really focused in on me, this means it’s a really big deal so I’m gonna cry about it”. If it does hurt and is a big deal, they are going to cry no matter if I am looking at them or not. But most of the time, I see them look right at me, I give them no reaction, and they stand back up and continue playing.

Motherhood — 2 min read

The “Back Up” Puppy

I open the package and even before I take off the vacuum-sealed bag, I can tell that this second puppy will never pass as the real stuffed Roczen. As a type-A planner, I buy a back-up before I even need it, for the potential dreadful day that he might get lost. But more so, I relish the day I will get to gift her this new fluffy puppy when she has her first baby of her own.

I place them side by side and it is quite humorous. OG Roczen’s hair is completely matted and the white fur is more of a gray brown. The beard hair is supposed to be fluffy but it has no softness to it at all. His eyes are scraped badly and there is a tiny bundle of hairs on the side of one cheek that are permanently straight. I catch Hazel twirling this tiny spot between her two fingers anytime she is holding him during a calm moment. He is her comfort and companion. They are ride-and-die friends in car rides and playgrounds and everything in-between. And until just recently, it was the end of the world when he needed a “bath” in the washer. Today though, she came running down the stairs dramatically lamented about the chocolate she had gotten on Roczen just a few seconds ago and how he desperately needed a bath right away. Which is how I am even holding him, next to his much younger and cleaner twin, since Roczen is always always by her side at night.

I store the new puppy in a container for future keeping and place little Roczen at the foot of her door. A happy delightful surprise when she wakes up. But let’s be honest, even if I didn’t do that, it would be the first thing she would ask for in the morning: Puppy Roczen.

February 07 — 10 min read

Books I Read in 2021

I read 17 books in 2021! My initial goal was 20 and then I changed it to 18 around October. 1. To the Rescue: The Biography of Thomas S. Monson I decided to read all…

Sunshine Mats for your Front Door

Who doesn’t want more sunshine in their home? I love that it represents the light that is within our home and we can hopefully shine that light out to the community and world outside of our home! I found the best mats full of happy sunlight, which do you like best?

1 | I have this at the foot of my front door and I absolutely love it. It doesn’t fall apart like other doormats.
2 | I love this sturdy material and stylization of the rays on this mat.
3 | This rug is reversible — enough said!
4 | I love the color scheme of this rug and the corner position reminds me of children’s drawings.
5 | Colors and sun shape on point for this mat!
6 | Isn’t this one just a beautiful gauze sun rug for a nursery?
7 | I love this bath mat, the shape, the short square sun rays, so great!
8 | This arch crochet rug is more subtle of a sun but it’s still there.
9 | If you want a standard coconut coir doormat, this cute sun one is for you!