Passover Seder

I had the wonderful opportunity to have a Passover Seder as Jewish Tradition. Our Israeli/Judaism teacher Ophir Yardin took us through it. We had our own little books and read prayers and it was suepr cool. Right before I left here to Jerusalem I went to one held at BYU and I’m so so glad I was able to do that so I had a little background of what was going on. Both were a bit different so I still got cool unique experiences.
Passover is an annual event kind of like Thanksgiving for usthat reminds the Jews of the Exodus of slaves from Egypt. If you want to know more information about it, heres a link to the wonderful wikipedia.

The top lettuce you dip in salt water to represent the tears the Israelites shed as slaves in Eygpt.
I got to sit by Brooke and Camila.

So this dinner was 2 and a half hours long. And we were starving but the dinner is at the end. We read through our books and something different about this one was we had singing groups that sang the prayers which was good. Dinner was great, we ended the rest of it, and we had an ending rap. I was part of it because they needed people to help because everyone was freaking out about the ANE test the next day so I helped out and I’m SO glad I did! It was great!

I didn’t get the hint to be a gangster….although you’d think I would! (I never not smile in pictures, sorry)
with Melinda, Rachel, and Hailey
Dwight and Joe!
Stephanie and beatufiul Heather creepin’ in the back, haha!
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