Quiet Book Challenge Week 1 — Shapes Page


Hey guys! I actually have something fun to write about in the next couple weeks! A couple of my friends and I decided to start a Quiet Book Weekly Challenge where we create one page a week until we finish a little book. I am all about weekly challenges, they help me stay motivated and productive and doing it with friends keeps me accountable.

I have been researching quiet books for a long long time now (it’s actually quite embarrassing, and by researching I mean pinning them in my secret Pinterest board). But I’m excited because I’m finally taking the time to do something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Obviously I don’t have any kids yet but I feel like I will be grateful I started it now while I still have that extra time on my hands.

Since I’m a designer, I feel like I am pretty picky about things I create, make, or have in my home. So I couldn’t just use anybody’s template (although there are some pretty good ones out there), I had to make them myself! Each week when I post about the page we are doing, I’ll add the template here free for you to download and use! You can subscribe at the bottom of the post and they will be sent straight to your inbox!

For this week my inspiration came from the Armelle Blog. And by inspiration I mean we pretty much did exactly what she did. I love the stitching with the similar colored thread and it’s so simple and clean, exactly how I like it!

Materials/Supplies I used

  • Felt in a variety of Colors. I found 9″x12″ sheets at Hobby Lobby for .25-.33 cents each!
  • Matching Embroidery Floss and Needle. I have a big pile of these but this is definitely not mandatory. If you don’t want to stitch the bottom layer just cut out a third shape or even draw in the shape with a marker!
  • Velcro Strip. Or snaps, or buttons, or felt glue. Really whatever you have on hand is better than having to buy a bunch of stuff and then deciding not to do it.
  • I used fabric instead of felt as the background so I could iron on the “Shapes” word. To do that, you will need Transfer Paper, which I also found at Hobby Lobby!
  • I found the perfect fabric for the back of the pages, I am obsessed! It is the Rainbow Remix line by Robert Kaufman. I bought mine here on Etsy and a fat quarter will give you 2-4 page backs. Aren’t they just the cutest! I love the little x’s and the weave pattern.

I love the way mine turned out! I am not the cleanest sewer by far but I still think it turned out pretty good. I really like the blanket stitch, I had never done it before but we watched a YouTube tutorial and it’s actually very easy to do!

IMG_6483-edited IMG_6492-edited

You can see that the transfer paper creates a little glare so make sure to cut close! If you want to transfer the words on each page like I did they have to be printed backwards so you can download them here. I put all the book’s words on one sheet to save transfer paper, now you get a little sneak-peak of the upcoming pages!

You can download the shape template below and subscribe to get them in your inbox each week!

Download Shapes Template



I wasn’t good about taking process pictures but ask me any questions you have.
I’m excited for you to join the challenge! Until next week!

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