1 Second Every Day

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At the beginning of the year one of my favorite bloggers/creatives Elise Joy started a goal to take 1 second videos every day. I was inspired and thought about doing it but I kept thinking life right now wasn’t very interesting or I’ll wait until I have a baby because I wouldn’t have anything cool to record. After about a month of telling myself this, I decided to just do it and it has been SO fun! It helped me realize that the normal every day moments are what make life so wonderful. It’s been nice to not stress about creating the perfect capture but just recording real life and letting the second create itself. If you haven’t heard about this app I highly recommend you try it out! It’s only been a month and I already love our little 30 second video :). Check it out below!

Below is the Ted talk that influenced the app which I also found very inspiring!


Since we’re on the theme of videos I was going through old files in my harddrive trying to make room and I came across the GoPro video we took on our honeymoon. As I was looking through them I found a clip I thought was lost forever of some AWESOME turtle footage! Of course I put everything else I was doing aside to make this fun little video 🙂

Music: Unseen, Keith Kenniff from SoundCloud

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