Quiet Book Challenge Week 2 – Colors Page


Week 2 of our Quiet Book Challenge is Colors. I think this is my favorite of all the templates I have made and planned, I think the crayons turned out really cute! You can download the template at the bottom of the post for free!



  • Felt in a variety of Colors. I found 9″x12″ sheets at Hobby Lobby for .25-.33 cents each!
  • Matching Embroidery Floss and Needle. I have a big pile of these but this is definitely not mandatory. If you don’t want to stitch the bottom layer just cut out a third shape or even draw in the shape with a marker!
  • Velcro Strip. Or snaps, or buttons, or felt glue. Really whatever you have on hand is better than having to buy a bunch of stuff and then deciding not to do it.
  • Thread to stitch together the crayons and swiggles to the background.
  • I ironed on the “Colors” word. To do that, you will need Transfer Paper, which I also found at Hobby Lobby!
  • The fabric I used for the background is the Rainbow Remix line by Robert Kaufman.

I traced the crayon shape onto freezer paper which made it much easier to cut it out without looking wonky. But then again I am horrible with scissors (lefty-problems).

The swiggly lines were a bit tough to cut out, I would say nice scissors are necessary for these small cuts. I have nice gingher scissors which were perfect, I ended up eye balling most of them and they turned out great. I just used the scraps from cutting the crayons too!


You can see in this picture that the first crayon I did (pink) I wrapped the string around the whole shape which meant the knots are visible and the velcro will probably eventually pull it off so for the rest I stitched on the top layer and then stitched them closed and it looks a lot better. As you can see I’m not going for perfection. 🙂

You can find the template for the words (since they need to be printed backwords) on the first Quiet Book post here.


My little assistant, she loved to purposely put the crayon on the wrong color, look at me to see if I noticed, and laugh. This one is kid approved!


Download Colors Template

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