The White Rose — A Poem for those Grieving Infant Loss

First I just want to say thank you for all the kind words and messages you all sent yesterday after I mentioned our recent miscarriage. So many tears of joy and peace for all the amazing support and friends I have. A dear friend of mine sent me this poem and I want to put it here on my site next to these photos of beautiful roses. I hope those of you who have suffered a loss can find this poem uplifting during the difficult thoughts that tend to pass through our minds on hard days.

It’s called the White Rose by Myrna Cox.

The White Rose

All mothers were gathered together at God’s garden of flowers. The earth’s beautiful budding spirits, who would someday come to earth, were nurtured and tended in the garden. A loving Father spoke to the mothers, “See the works of my hands. Someday you will be the mothers of these radiant spirits.” The garden glowed with the mixture of all kinds and colors. “Choose ye.” He said.

Now in the east corner of the garden, pure White Roses stood as sentinels. They were not as colorful as the rest, but they glowed with a kind of purity, which set them apart. One by one the mothers stepped forward. “I want the blue eyed, curly haired one, who will grow to maturity and be a mother in Zion.” Yet another chose a brown eyed, brown haired boy, full of life and love, who would someday be a prince in a grand country. The garden buzzed with excitement as the others chose their special spirits. Those whom they would soon welcome into the love and warmth of an earthly home.

Once again the loving Father spoke. “But who will take the White Roses? The ones in the east corner of my garden. These will return to me in purity and goodness. They will not stay long in your home, for I must bring them back to my garden. For they belong to me. They will gain bodies as was planned, you will miss them and long for them, but I shall personally care for them.”

“No, not I.” many said in unison. “I couldn’t bear to give one back so soon.”  “Nor I.” said others. “We will take those who will remain and grow to maturity and live long lives.” The Father looked out across the multitude of mothers with a longing in his eyes for someone to step forward and speak. Silence.

Then He said, “See the most pure and perfect of the white ones? I have chosen Him. He will go down and be a sacrifice for all mankind. He will be scorned, mocked, and crucified. He is mine own. Will not any one choose like unto Him? A few mothers stepped forward, “Yes, Lord I will” Then another, “Yes, we will Lord” Soon all the pure White Roses were chosen and they rejoiced with their mothers. The Father spoke again, “Oh, blessed are ye who chose the White Roses. For your pain will be a heavy cross to bear. But your joy will be exceeding, beyond anything you can understand at this time.” The white ones, embraced their mother knew they could endure the tasks. And the Greatest of all the white ones, gathered them as a hen gather her chicks. And the outpouring of love surrounded each mother and child, consuming all the white ones as He prepared them for their task.

And each mother who bore the weight of the White Rose, would feel the overwhelming love of God, as they all shouted, “Thy will be done.”

By Myrna Cox

The last part of that poem made me tear up so much. I had always heard of the idea that our children ‘choose us’ but I also really like the thought that we got to choose the spirits as well as the trials we faced. I love how it says Christ surrounds us with His love and prepares us for the task and that he will care for all those precious spirits that are on earth for a short time.

I love having this photo on my phone backdrop. You can click the two links below to download or just hold your finger on your favorite photo above to save! I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and know that God loves you!

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