2016 – 1 Second Everyday

It has been a whole year since I started using the 1 Second Everyday app and I absolutely love it! I started recording one second of every day at the beginning of last year and although I missed a couple dozen days it still makes a pretty great video. I will definitely keep making these, I love how it shows the normal day-to-day life but combined together it makes up our family’s little life. I didn’t start at the beginning of 2016 because I thought, “I don’t have any kids, I just work all day, who would want to watch that?”.

A week or two later I realized that eventually it won’t be just the two of us anymore and I think I’d regret not having videos like these before our chapter changes. So although we mostly studied or worked in 2016, we had some great days too.

I love the video without music but I feel like for the full year you just have to add some music to bring it all together. Enjoy watching our year. 🙂 I hope this inspires you to start recording yours today!

Goals for our 2017 1SE video:

  • Get more videos of our faces and Ryan and I together.
  • Be in front of the camera more often (similar idea)
  • Take more 2 second videos (I was worried it would make the final video too long but some days 1 second is not enough so I give myself permission to do 2 seconds a few extra times!)
  • Enjoy the little moments as they happen!
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