I Spy Bottle

This week’s creative project was an I Spy Bottle. A group of my friends here got together this weekend and each of us brought little items we found around the house or bought at the dollar store and made these together! I, of course, spent way too much time putting the items in a rainbow gradient to photograph as the key but it made my little design heart very happy (as well as my OCD heart too)!

What you need to create your own I Spy Bottle:

  •  Plastic Bottle (Mine is the small Smartwater. I tried to find a Voss container but they are so dang hard to find)
  • Goo Gone to get the label off (this thing does wonders!!)
  • A variety of small items. Pennies, buttons, paper clips, beads, erasers, marbles, candles, anything that will fit in the opening of your plastic bottle. The Dollar Tree had a lot to choose from for cheap.
  • Rice

And that’s it! I let my water bottle sit in hot water so the label came off cleanly/easily and then just swiped with a touch of Goo Gone and no residue was left.

Get together with a couple of friends and do your own little creative project this week!

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