I’m a BFA-er!

Hello my friends. My Junior year has begun and although this is kind of old news, I was accepted into the BFA Graphic Design program this past August, which stands a Bachelor in Fine Arts and Communications. It was a long journey, but I’m here!


300 students applied for BA

they went back to 40 got in (one is me!) the drawing board….literally haha


took 2 semesters of Graphic Design emphasis classes and 40 applied for the BFA in April and August Sadly they have to apply again next year

19 got in (I MADE IT!!)

And here I am!

It’s a miracle I even got to apply for the BFA this August. Reviews of portfolios was August 7th and I did not get home until August 9th from Jerusalem. But because Mormons are so nice I was able to bring my portfolio in 3 days later on August 10th and have their look at my portfolio. I am so grateful they were so nice to do that for me. I flew from Tel Aviv, to New York, to Seattle, to Salt Lake, to Seattle all in 2 1/2 days. 32 hours of straight sitting in a plane. But it was worth it!! Because a few days later I got an email saying I got in! This program is for the best of the best, I felt like I did when I heard I got into the BA, “There must have been a mistake!” “I think they sent it to the wrong person.” Nope, there was my name, in black and white, telling me which classes to take this fall. Crazy.

Well, now that it’s a month into the program I am staying very busy and they are working us hard in the BFA. Besides trying to humbly show my excitement for getting into the program, I also wanted to post a website I coded (HTML and CSS) for my Interactive Design class. Our assignment was to make a retail website and I chose to do vintage mod clothing for a store I made up. I designed this website and then wrote it all in HTML and styled it in CSS. I’m a proud mama! I feel like a big girl, have my own domain and everything! Now whoever wants to can see my work! By the end of the semester, I’ll have a full working site of my portfolio and my work which is very exciting.

My retail webpage is posted at:


To see the other 2 pages click on “My Bag” on the header, and also “Sale” on the pink navigation bar.

I am so excited to become a better graphic designer and I am so honored to be in the BFA. I’ll keep posting on my blog so you can see what I’m up to! 🙂

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