May | The Art of Journaling

02 What are some things that you’ve been given recently?

I have been given so much service from my husband. He has sacrificed a lot of his free time that has been opened up to him because of quarantine to cook, clean, and take care of Hazel while I try and pick up the pieces from work I dropped while in the first-trimester fog.

03 What is your idea of the perfect morning?

I wake up an hour before the kids. I hop into the shower because it always gets me more awake and it’s the best time to listen to a quick podcast. I blow-dry the roots and throw my hair into a quick bun to style later. I then walk into the kitchen — which has been cleaned the night before, of course — and make myself a warm glass of lemon water. I sip while I read my scriptures and start the day off telling God I want Him to be part of every minute. I eat a warm toasted bagel, each day a different topping, and a bowl of fruit as I hear her wake up with her usual babbling. I have already made and set out some oatmeal that has cooled off for her and she excitedly comes to sit at her chair and eat breakfast while I finish up my scripture reading. We spend some time doing an activity or two after cleaning up breakfast and in the morning cool air we walk to the garden. We pick whatever vegetables or fruit are ready and bring them back in to store, snack, and put away

05 What songs or music do you listen to in the car?

I usually listen to podcasts or Marco Polos from friends but if I need something to not fill my mind with extra words I will usually try a country station on the radio or tune into the classical music station. I grew up fascinated by Fantasia. What kids says that? I loved turning on this station and trying to come up with my own version of fairies flying through forests or a story about an animal. I love that the stories always revolve around either an animal or nature. I probably sound ridiculous and I can laugh at this later but I would love to teach my kids to stop, listen to the music, and use their imagination to come up with a scene in their head. I want car time to be connection time so that probably means no more podcasts or Marco Polos.

06 When was the last time you felt embarrassed? What happened?

I get that tiny tinge of embarrassment every time I use the wrong word. A recent one was “jiggy-rig” it instead of “jimmy-rig” it. Which was actually quite funny and the husband and I got a good laugh out of it. I have always had an issue with a word being stuck in my mind and I can’t quite figure out what it is. I can remember it starts with a ___, it’s synonyms, or that it rhymes with ____, but it will take someone else to help me get it out. Or about 5 minutes later I will burst out the word in somewhat embarrassed pride.

07 Describe your ideal house

If you know me, I have a full-detailed Evernote outline of what would be included in my dream home. The note is literally called “Dream Home”. But overall, I want my home to be a place where you can feel God’s Spirit, one that is more minimal and clutter-free but looks like children live there. I would love as much light as possible and I have come to accept that our home will include a lot of white and a lot of black.

08 What are your favorite books to read over and over again?

I am not one to reread books unless they are self-help books. I am a serial self-helpist and I have recently wanted to read less and reread more. So far the books I will have on my shelf to reference again and again: The Book of Mormon and the Bible, The Blessings of a Skinned Knee, The Montessori Toddler, and The Essentialist.

09 What subjects did you study at school?

In high school you don’t have much choice but once I attended college, I took advantage of every class I could. I took figure skating, tape dance, ballet, gymnastics, shop, figure drawing, human development, and many more. A few classes I could never get to fit in my schedule and I regret not taking: flower arrangement, scuba diving, and pottery.

10 What’s the most beautiful gift you’ve ever received?

Since this lands on Mother’s Day, it is a perfect coincidence that the most beautiful gift I have ever received is by far my daughter. She brings so much joy into our home and she is such a light. Always giggling and laughing. Even when she’s alone in her crib. Her dad and I look at each other and smile from the other room.

11 Would you like to work for yourself? Why or why not?

I have worked for myself for the past 5 years and I could never go back. I love the flexibility of my work schedule, the fact that I can work from home while I raise my daughter, and that I can control who I get to work with. There are always disadvantages where there are advantages and many times I find it hard to balance work and home life. My passion shifted as soon as my daughter was born and I am fine with letting go of career goals in order to pursue the ones I want to as a mother and a teacher of God to this family. I have never ever considered myself a teacher but it is what I am most excited for when it comes to motherhood.

12 If you could live in another country for a year, where would you go and why?

I don’t know if I could know if I could truly live somewhere until I’m thrown into the middle of it (my experiences at Jerusalem tell me I would be okay at it) but there is no specific place I could choose. I love anywhere foreign but instantly think of somewhere European. Living in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, or France would be a wonderful experience for not just me and my husband but I think also our family. Somewhere that would force us to slow our days and living more simply.

27 Where do you retreat to for solitude and quiet?

I find a nightly bath the most soothing and a place to wind down physically and emotionally from the day.

28 What are three things from this past month that have energized and motivated you?

Knowing that I am putting down my career and will focus all my energy and time into mothering our two kids this fall is what has given me the motivation to continue working hard on the last few sites I have left to launch.

29 What are three things from this past month that have comforted you?

What a pertinent question for the times we are in right now. Though the world is full of chaos, fear, and anger, I feel comforted by the peace and love I feel in our home from both my spouse and my child. I am comforted by the tiny baby kicks I feel, knowing this second baby is safe and growing strong. I find comfort in my job security while others have less stability and am grateful for the skill I have grown and used to help our home.

31 What is your favorite thing about Sundays right now?

Sundays right now are not at all what they used to be. With the recent pandemic, church has been canceled and so we do church at home. It honestly has been hard to remember to do it since we are so busy with Hazel, but when we do, I feel the Spirit and am so grateful for the fact that we have a priesthood holder in our home.

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