This post is dedicated to JC LDS – Jerusalem Center Last Days Syndrome. Because I definitely have it.
Went to the Israel Museum!
Put in a prayer at the Western Wall!
I wrote it in Hebrew!





I love the Western Wall! Especially people watching.
Went to the Garden of Gethsemane


Walked through Orson Hyde
At our Last Supper Devotional
Went to Holy Bagel
Ate ice cream!
Made 250 shekels at West Jerusalem!


These kids came and danced for a half hour, it was so cute!
They made 250 shekels!
Running in tombs to pick up my dropped notebook! 🙂


I love these two colors together!
Herodian stones
Ate Ramadan pancakes for only 1 shekel!
A date picture just for Grandpa! 🙂
They were so yummy!
And eat more ice cream!

I am almost home and Last Day Syndrome took its toll. But I had a wonderful last days in Jerusalem!!

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